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EU Green Week: The European Green Deal isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

This week the EU celebrates its annual ‘Green Week’, in which Europe’s environmental elite gather to congratulate each other on how green they are. By Laura Basu OpenDemocracy It’s certainly true that the EU claims to be taking the climate crisis seriously, most notably through the European Commission’s flagship European Green Deal. Launched in 2019, the deal […]

Ocasio-Cortez and Markey reintroduce Green New Deal Resolution

As part of what they are calling “Green New Deal Week,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey on Tuesday led the reintroduction of their landmark resolution envisioning a 10-year mobilization that would employ millions of people with well-paying, union jobs repairing U.S. infrastructure, while reducing pollution and tackling the country’s intersecting climate, economic, health, […]

April 21st

Poll finds majority of US voters support Green New Deal and want their reps to sign on

As Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders reintroduced their Green New Deal for resolution, a survey published Monday affirmed that most U.S. voters support the Green New Deal and want their members of Congress to co-sponsor legislation to make the ambitious climate emergency plan a reality. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The Data for Progress survey (pdf) […]

April 21st

Right wing media echo chamber’s response to Biden’s American Jobs Plan: Lie (and ignore it)

President Biden’s American Jobs Plan rollout yesterday was met with criticisms from the usual suspects of polluting industry lobby groups, former reality TV hosts now banned from social media and politicians with a history of refusing to address a crisis, who once again trotted out tired, false talking points denying the job growth and economic benefits of ambitious climate and infrastructure investments. Conservative […]

Biden’s American Jobs Plan is big, but THRIVE plan is bigger and bolder

When U.S. President Joe Biden headed to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to unveil the first part of his long-awaited and already hotly debated infrastructure plan, he was greeted with four billboards from grassroots advocates urging the administration to “go big” and “go bold” on economic recovery, in part by supporting the THRIVE Act. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams […]

April 1st

Sunrise Movement calls for 10 year/ $10T infrastructure plan for clean energy transition

Biden, Harris, and Senate Democrats just made history passing the American Rescue Plan, spending $1.9 trillion to provide much needed relief amidst the COVID public health and economic crises. But this $1.9 trillion merely keeps the economy afloat and makes sure people can keep food on the table. By Sunrise Movement Not only are people […]

April 1st

Biden-Harris $4T plan to green U.S. infrastructure is on the right path. But far more money is needed

As soon as the word “infrastructure” shows up in a commentary most readers bail out. Everybody knows it’s crucial to our civilized existence, but could anything be more boring to actually discuss? For the next several months, however, discussion of the Biden-Harris proposal for the greening of the nation’s physical and human infrastructure is going to be ferocious. By  Meteor […]

April 1st

Humanity is now at the dawn of what must be a transformative decade

A new analysis examining humanity’s central role in disrupting the support systems of the natural world argues that far-reaching action this decade—including a halt to vast inequalities and the irresponsible deployment of advanced technologies—is vital if a more vibrant and sustainable future is to be achieved. By Jon Queally Common Dreams Published earlier this month […]

March 28th

Downpayment on the Green New Deal: Unpacking the US CLEAN Future Act

U.S. Representative Frank Pallone, chair of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, together with subcommittee chairs Bobby Rush and Paul Tonko, introduced the CLEAN Future Act on March 2, 2021. While numerous climate bills are introduced in each Congress, this proposal deserves special attention: It is the first major piece of climate legislation to be introduced since […]

March 15th

‘Good Jobs for All’: Sunrise Movement launches campaign to fight climate crisis with work guarantee

Amid the ongoing climate emergency and the devastating coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. alone as well as an economic meltdown that has left millions of people unemployed, the Sunrise Movement on Thursday launched its “Good Jobs for All” campaign to demand that lawmakers pursue a robust recovery […]

March 8th

House announces new climate bill (but is it the bold climate action we need?)

While some mainstream environmental organizations welcomed Tuesday’s introduction of the CLEAN Future Act in the House of Representatives, progressive green groups warned that the bill falls far short of what’s needed to meaningfully tackle the climate crisis—an existential threat they say calls for bolder action like the Green New Deal. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The latest […]

March 4th