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Sunrise Movement launches Green New Deal jobs website to celebrate future of climate-friendly work

Amid a sustained push for the inclusion of a Civilian Climate Corps in federal infrastructure legislation, the Sunrise Movement on Monday rolled out a new tool showcasing the potential for over 15 million jobs that simultaneously tackle economic inequality and the climate crisis. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams  The Green New Careers website visualizes what could be possible based on the investment […]

July 25th

A just transition to a zero-carbon world is possible – here’s how

The global shift to a green economy could create 18 million jobs, with the potential to provide high-quality employment and livelihoods around the world. But what about the people and communities whose livelihoods, right now, depend on the fossil fuel or other high-carbon sectors? By Leah Lazer World Resources Institute An estimated 6 million jobs in coal-powered electricity, […]

April 11th

Fossil fuel companies took $8.2 billion in job-saving bailouts—Then fired 58,000 workers anyway

Bolstering arguments against providing further public benefits to the fossil fuel industry, a BailoutWatch analysis published Friday reveals that 77 companies got a collective $8.24 billion tax bailout last year, then laid off tens of thousands of employees. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The tax benefits for major polluters resulted from two provisions of the Coronavirus Aid, […]

April 7th

How does Biden’s American Jobs Plan stack up on climate and jobs?

President Biden unveiled a new $2 trillion American Jobs Plan on Wednesday, March 31, focused on infrastructure, the care economy, climate and, as the name implies, creating desperately needed good jobs. Previous U.S. COVID-19 spending stimulus packages were focused on short-term emergency response, and too much of it propped up the business-as-usual, polluting economy. By Joel Jaeger, Katrina McLaughlin, Jillian Neuberger and Carrie […]

April 4th

Biden’s American Jobs Plan is big, but THRIVE plan is bigger and bolder

When U.S. President Joe Biden headed to Pittsburgh on Wednesday to unveil the first part of his long-awaited and already hotly debated infrastructure plan, he was greeted with four billboards from grassroots advocates urging the administration to “go big” and “go bold” on economic recovery, in part by supporting the THRIVE Act. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams […]

April 1st

President Biden introduces the American Jobs Plan – $2.3T for climate and clean energy infrastructure

The American Jobs Plan represents the first half of a two-pronged recovery proposal that the Biden administration is planning to detail in the coming days, with the healthcare-focused second part expected some time next month. At a speech in Pittsburgh Wednesday, Biden outlined the infrastructure and climate portion of the package, which calls for just […]

April 1st

Fracking BANNED in the Delaware River basin

In late February, the fracked gas industry had yet another one of its increasingly frequent bad days. After years of advocacy from thousands of residents, Sierra Club organizers, and numerous partners, the governors of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware unanimously voted to permanently ban fracking in the Delaware River Basin. Nearly half of the basin […]

March 15th

‘Good Jobs for All’: Sunrise Movement launches campaign to fight climate crisis with work guarantee

Amid the ongoing climate emergency and the devastating coronavirus pandemic that has resulted in more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S. alone as well as an economic meltdown that has left millions of people unemployed, the Sunrise Movement on Thursday launched its “Good Jobs for All” campaign to demand that lawmakers pursue a robust recovery […]

March 8th

Who’s a job-killer? Oil firms take bailout money, fire workers, use it for executive bonuses

We and others have talked about Cara Daggett’s concept of petromasculinity a lot since she coined the term in 2018 to describe the way that the fossil fuel industry has been imbued with testosterone. Even if you aren’t familiar with the phrase, you know what it means —  like truck nuts rolling coal and gushing oil rigs symbolizing the patriarchal dominance of the natural […]

February 26th

Wyden, Neguse push 21st Century Civilian Conservation Corps legislation, with billions in funding

Last month, as we reported, President Joe Biden in an executive order gave several federal departments, including the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture, 90 days to come up with a plan for the formation of a Civilian Climate Corps—an echo of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) of the 1930s, which is widely viewed as the most popular of […]

February 20th