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“I Can’t Breathe”: St Louis’ most vulnerable communities are monitoring their polluted air

AirWatch, a new online hub, will allow communities of color in St. Louis, Missouri to access data, updated hourly, on air quality such as specific pollutants to help protect their health and well-being. The information is updated by residents, researchers, and community leaders, using air sensors on churches throughout the city. Air pollution lands hardest […]

June 20th

You’ll never guess who “CleanTruckFacts” is a front group for (okay, you probably will)

As an incredible 3-part Frontline series on the Power of Big Oil discusses with some of the people involved, the industry has long used its money to buy the appearance of grassroots public support By Climate Denier Roundup The latest is an effort to water down a proposed EPA regulation on smog- and soot-forming nitrogen oxide emissions (NOx) […]

Here’s how the new global treaty on plastic pollution can help solve this crisis

Plastic pollution is a global problem, contaminating terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems. Microplastics — plastic particles smaller than five millimetres in size — infiltrate and circulate in the global planetary dust cycle, water cycle and carbon cycle. By Chelsea Rochman, University of Toronto and Xia Zhu, University of Toronto The Conversation Microplastics have infiltrated the […]

April 11th

Earthjustice: New EPA ozone proposal would reduce asthma and lung disease across the US

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says it will address ground-level ozone—the main component of smog—that persists throughout the United States. The proposed “Good Neighbor” plan requires reductions of air pollution emitted by power plants and industrial sources in twenty-six upwind states that then blows into downwind states. If finalized, the rule will significantly improve air […]

March 14th

Recycling: What is pay-as-you-throw? A waste expert explains

Pay-as-you-throw is a policy that charges people for the amount of trash they toss out. It’s also sometimes called variable-rate pricing or pay-as-you-waste. Lily Baum Pollans, Hunter College The Conversation Many cities and towns around the world, including over 7,000 in the U.S., have pay-as-you-throw waste policies. Examples include Seattle, Berkeley, Austin and Portland, Maine. […]

March 1st

Why is Rep Boebert attacking the Sage Grouse? Follow the money (her husband’s money)

Earlier this week Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) went on a tirade against sage grouse, attacking the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) upcoming changes to sage grouse management in the United States. Unmentioned in her attack was the fact that Terra Energy Partners, a company with extensive operations in sage grouse country, has paid her husband nearly $1 million […]

February 20th

Evangelical Environmental Network celebrates $750M released to clean up abandoned mining lands

As a child growing up in the tiny village of Blandburg, Cambria County, Pennsylvania, where my playgrounds were un-reclaimed coal strip mines less than 75 yards from our backdoor, I am pleased to see today’s announcement regarding the Department of the Interior releasing $725 million first funds of the $11.3 billion funds authorized by the […]

The fossil fuels that power NFTs kill people and animals (So why is WWF embracing them?)

One of the many, many indicators that the conservative “media” system is more purely political propaganda and disinformation machine than it is journalistic endeavors is the fact that it often fails to offer fact-based criticisms of its opposition when the opportunity arrives. Case in point is a recent move by two wildlife conservation organizations to embrace NFTs […]

February 8th

Driverless cars won’t be good for the environment if they just lead to more auto use

For years, self-driving car technology has remained tantalizingly just beyond the horizon. Bold predictions notwithstanding, fully automated vehicles still haven’t appeared in showrooms. But the technology appears poised for a leap forward in 2022. Companies including Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda are bringing so-called Level 3 AVs to market that will let drivers take their hands […]

February 4th

Chemical pollution exceeds safe planetary limit: researcher Q+A on consequences for life on Earth

The production and release of plastics, pesticides, industrial compounds, antibiotics and other pollutants is now happening so fast and on such a large scale that it has exceeded the planetary boundary for chemical pollution, the safe limit for humanity, a new study claims. We asked Patricia Villarrubia-Gómez, a PhD candidate at Stockholm University and one […]

January 21st

Global plastic pollution is a ‘Deadly Ticking Clock’

“There is a deadly ticking clock counting swiftly down.” So says Tom Gammage, an ocean campaigner at the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA), a United Kingdom-based group whose new report warns that only a muscular global treaty can turn the tide against the life-threatening crisis of plastic pollution. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams Published on Tuesday, Connecting the Dots: Plastic […]

January 21st