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What is a climate tipping point? And is it still possible to avoid them?

In order to avert a series of “disastrous” climate tipping points, humanity must do “everything possible” to limit global heating to 1.5°C, warn the authors of a study published Thursday. The analysis, published in Science, found that the climate emergency—which is caused largely by human burning of fossil fuels—has driven the planet to the brink of numerous […]

September 11th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change is causing irreversible declines in freshwater storage

“Climate change threatens terrestrial water storage over the Tibetan Plateau” Our new article in @NatureClimate Change, led by Chinese colleagues Xueying Li & @DiLong5. We’ve updated some of the wording in the press release to more accuracy convey the specific findings of the study. By Dr Michael Mann Irreversible declines in freshwater storage projected in parts […]

August 16th

Solar is the cheapest power, and a literal light-bulb moment showed us we can cut costs and emissions even further

Recent extreme weather events have underscored the need to cut the CO₂ emissions that are driving up global temperatures. This requires a rapid transition of the energy economy to renewable energy sources, the cheapest being solar photovoltaics (PV). And our newly published research points to a way we can drive down costs of the shift […]

August 8th

Dr Michael Mann: Climate change is causing our current rash of heatwaves. We need to vote out politicians who block climate action!

“ Global climate crisis hits home in the U.S. amid record heat and pervasive wildfires” — I discussed with Geoff Bennett last night on the PBS NewsHour. By Dr Michael Mann Some excerpts: “There are some aspects to climate change that are playing out faster and with greater magnitude than we predicted a decade or […]

July 25th

Climate Data: As record heatwave bakes Europe, we again must debunk the idea that global warming has “paused” or flattened out

A decade ago, many in the climate community were fixated on an apparent “pause” in rising global surface temperatures. So many studies were published on the so-called “hiatus” that scientists joked that the journal Nature Climate Change should be renamed Nature Hiatus. By Zeke Hausfather CarbonBrief While the hiatus debate generated a lot of useful research on […]

July 17th

STEM: Improving science literacy means changing science education

To graduate with a science major, college students must complete between 40 and 60 credit hours of science coursework. That means spending around 2,500 hours in the classroom throughout their undergraduate career. However, research has shown that despite all that effort, most college science courses give students only a fragmented understanding of fundamental scientific concepts. […]

July 16th