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US cities bought more renewable energy than ever in 2020 – here’s how

As the world reels from the financial blow of COVID-19, local governments in the United States are under huge pressure as cities and counties face severe budget shortfalls. This is forcing cuts to crucial spending on education and infrastructure as well as layoffs, furloughs and hiring freezes. Losing critical funds could have seriously hindered U.S. local governments’ continued progress […]

April 9th

Growth of solar, wind, and other renewable energy smashed records in 2020

Despite the difficulties associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the world added a record amount of new renewable energy capacity in 2020, according to data released Monday by the International Renewable Energy Agency. By Kenny Stancil Common Dreams IRENA’s annual Renewable Capacity Statistics 2021 shows that global renewable energy capacity grew by more than 260 gigawatts (GW) last […]

April 9th

Technology innovation gives government leverage to drive down emissions fast – here’s how

To avert the worst effects of climate change, global greenhouse gas emissions should fall at faster rates than they have risen for over a century. Economies must essentially turn on a dime and then move quickly toward a carbon-free future. By Jessika E. Trancik, Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Conversation In the U.S., the Biden-Harris […]

April 7th

The US needs a macrogrid to move electricity from areas that make it to areas that need it

Many kinds of extreme events can disrupt electricity service, including hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, wildfires, extreme heat, extreme cold and extended droughts. Major disasters can leave thousands of people in the dark. The Texas deep freeze in February knocked out 40% of the state’s electric generating capacity. James D. McCalley, Iowa State University The Conversation During […]

April 6th

Solar swells as coal collapses: Analysis shows rapid shift to renewables underway

The nation’s transition from dirty to renewable energy is “nearing exponential growth”—a shift set to usher in “transformative” impacts within a handful of years. So declares the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) in its “U.S. Power Sector Outlook 2021” report released Wednesday. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Among the key findings (pdf) are that […]

April 5th

Evangelicals applaud Pennsylvania’s ground-breaking solar energy agreement

The Evangelical Environmental Network applauds Pennsylvania’s Governor Wolf and his administration for announcing the new Pennsylvania PULSE Program, a power purchase agreement for 191 MW of solar-generated electricity. This new agreement for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will reduce pollution, decrease 157,000 metric tons of carbon pollution, lower electric costs by $30 million for the state […]

Wind and solar defy covid pandemic contraction and have stellar year

While the U.S. economy plunged into recession last year, with at least 25 million Americans now unemployed, furloughed, or working for less pay than before the coronavirus struck in February 2020, there were record-breaking new installations of renewable energy sources. By Meteor Blades Installations already operating generated 20% of all electricity produced in the U.S. in 2020, according to Bloomberg New […]

February 26th

What is a Clean Electricity Standard (CES)? How does it work? And how does it compare to carbon fee and dividend?

As Congress and climate advocates look at how to move forward on climate this year, you may have seen stories popping up that discuss a clean electricity standard. This recent op-ed in Vox said a clean electricity standard should be “at the top of the Congress’s to-do list.” Grist has reported on the idea, and some senators, including Ed […]

February 19th

Calls for Texas Governor Abbott to resign as he falsely blames blackouts on wind and solar

As millions of Texans struggled desperately to keep warm amid power outages stemming from the devastating winter storm sweeping the nation, the state’s Republican governor late Tuesday blamed solar and wind for the blackouts—despite the fact that Texas relies overwhelmingly on fossil fuels—and falsely claimed the crisis shows that the Green New Deal would be a “deadly deal” […]

February 17th

Solar panels in Sahara could boost renewable energy – but damage the global climate – here’s why

The world’s most forbidding deserts could be the best places on Earth for harvesting solar power – the most abundant and clean source of energy we have. Deserts are spacious, relatively flat, rich in silicon – the raw material for the semiconductors from which solar cells are made — and never short of sunlight. In […]

February 15th

The Great Reset: 7 environment and sustainability stories to watch in 2021

2020 upended life as we know it. The coronavirus killed almost 2 million people and counting, while roughly 100 million people fell into extreme poverty. The world entered its worst recession since the second world war. Deep-rooted racial and economic injustices were exposed, while the  impacts of the pandemic itself fell disproportionately on communities of color. And these crises played […]

January 18th

Renewable Roundup – US consumes more renewable energy than coal!

I left off collecting renewable energy, electric vehicle, and other Global Warming stories when I started my Grokking Republicans Diary series. Now, however, I can draw on Renewable Charlie/Charlie Richmond at Quora, so I’m back! But there is now more renewable news than I can dive into and analyze. More even than I have time […]

January 12th

Let’s talk about distributed solar, equity, and monopoly power in 2021

Since ILSR wrote about the Dawning of Solar Cells (pdf) in 1975, we’ve been fans of the potential to integrate energy production with the local economy. We provided early forecasts of the rooftop solar revolution and support for the first statewide value of solar policy. Recently, we analyzed how distributed solar and energy storage could compete with peaking fossil gas […]

January 2nd