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Rev Mitch Hescox: “It’s time for the EPA to live up to its stated mission: To protect human health and the environment.”

Testimony of the Rev. Mitch Hescox of the Evangelical Environmental Network regarding the ozone national ambient air quality standard, presented to the Environmental Protection Agency.  By Rev Mitch Hescox Evangelical Environmental Network Good Afternoon. I am The Rev. Mitchell C. Hescox, President/CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network (EEN), father, grandfather of seven (7), a resident […]

Deniers Accidentally Debunk Their Own Wildfire & Climate Denial

As yet another Hurricane floods the Gulf, the western wildfires remain a center of attention for climate deniers and conspiracy theorists alike. For example, ClimateFeedback has debunked claims that the fires were started by arsonists, and Gizmodo’s covered the crazy claims that it was actually antifa, which led to armed Q-Anon-ers holding multiple reporters of color at gunpoint at their own home-made checkpoints. By […]

September 16th

Trump EPA’s vision for the next four years would create ‘Apocalyptic, devastated planet’

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler is under fire for a Thursday speech laying out a vision for the agency that critics warn would unleash untold environmental devastation should it come to pass. By Andrea Germanos Common Dreams Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist, delivered the remarks at the Nixon Library in southern California to commemorate the 50th anniversary […]

September 8th

‘Another toxic giveaway’: Trump EPA rolls back coal plant wastewater rules

In what critics called yet “another toxic giveaway” to corporate polluters, the Trump administration late Monday afternoon announced final revisions to Obama-era regulations designed protect lakes, rivers, and streams near coal-fired power plants by imposing strict treatment requirements for wastewater containing toxic pollutants. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams The new Environmental Protection Agency guidelines relax a 2015 […]

September 2nd

23 AGs sue Trump admin over ‘Reckless and Unprecedented’ gutting of bedrock US environmental law NEPA

A coalition of 27 U.S. states, commonwealths, territories, counties, and cities filed a federal lawsuit on Friday challenging the Trump administration’s “unlawful, unjustified, and sweeping revisions” to a 50-year-old law that the president claimed would “streamline” infrastructure projects by limiting environmental reviews. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams After revealing plans to alter the National Environmental Policy Act […]

August 31st

Climate change denier complains there aren’t ENOUGH devastating hurricanes

Last week, Pat Michaels, whose “actually CO2 is good”-based career has bounced from one fossil fueled denial organization to another, wrote at the Competitive Enterprise Institute that “the year of the weeniecane may be ending.” In seeking to downplay storms like Isaias, which was second only to Hurricane Sandy in terms of power outages caused by a weather event, and the […]

EPA weakens Methane Rule as pollution soars

This year, levels of methane, a powerful heat-trapping gas, hit an all-time high, driven in large part by pollution leaking from gas pipelines and drilling sites. Plugging these leaks is cheap, has enormous upsides for the climate, and is widely supported by major players in the industry, which is why it’s striking that the EPA has decided to weaken […]

August 21st

Renewables aren’t causing California’s blackouts (But climate deniers are happy to lie about it)

One of the strangest new approaches climate change deniers have successfully pushed into the mainstream is that bad things happening now will happen more if we take climate action. For example, taking her cues from the WSJ’s editorial board and other deniers, Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times wrote about how people are (wrongly) blaming renewables for the blackouts. […]

How much is YOUR life worth? Trump continues to degrade cost-benefit analysis of YOUR air and water

The Trump administration has been going after the cost-benefit analysis process for a while now, and a set of changes meant to devalue human lives for industry’s profit that were once on the backburner are getting some renewed (albeit last-minute) attention. A particular target for the lobbyists presently running our regulatory bodies has been co-benefits, the concurrent perks of reducing one type of pollution as […]

Fracking must have a great future if they have to hire PR flacks to write cheesy op eds

These days, it’s somewhat rare for us to come across a name we don’t recognize while perusing the deniersphere, as their aging demographic isn’t exactly bringing in much fresh blood. So we were surprised by a “guest post” at Energy in Depth, given that the Independent Petroleum Association of America’s dedicated propaganda blog generally posts […]