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WSJ hates subsidies for solar or EV companies (But LOVES them for Big Oil!)

In September of 2021, we talked about the differences between organized disinformation, the strategic public relations employed by the fossil fuel industry to deceive the public, and what we called disorganized denial, the growing genre of content attacking the climate issue because it drives clicks on social media from audiences cultivated by the organized denial set. At […]

September 26th

The newest culture war: Attacking EVs over “Freedom of Movement”

In May of this year, when Koch-y disinfo spreaders were fearmongering about the government supposedly mandating a “kill switch” in new cars, we noticed that one was using a new phrase, “freedom of movement.” Appropriated from the real world where the phrase describes the right to enter or exit a country, Koch-sponsored, University of Kansas assistant teaching […]

September 22nd

MAGA uses its culture war playbook against climate action to rile up the base ahead of the midterm election

The Simpsons reference of someone accidentally saying the quiet part out loud went from quote to cliché during the Trump administration, but it’s sadly still relevant, so we’re using it. Because over the summer, one of the headlines covering the Deny, Deceive, Delay report on climate disinformation was that “Facebook, Twitter let climate fall into culture wars.” But that passively-phrased headline […]

September 20th

In Congressional hearing on big oil’s climate lies, GOP Rep launches sexist tirade at witness

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday paused before proceeding to her line of questioning at a House Oversight Committee hearing, expressing shock over the treatment Republican Rep. Clay Higgins subjected an expert witness, Raya Salter, to moments earlier. “Frankly, men who treat women like that in public,” said the New York Democrat, “I fear how they treat […]

September 17th

Conservative pundit accidentally argues for climate action

Anyone who grew up watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, or enjoyed going to midnight screenings of The Room, or laughed their way through all of the Sharknado sequels knows that some things are just so bad that somehow, they’re good. That’s the vibe of rightwing, uh, thinker(?), Zachary Faria’s latest “Beltway Confidential” column for the Washington Examiner, headlined Climate […]

September 14th

Science denying morons wonder in unison: “But what if climate change is REALLY GOOD?”

Sometimes, when reading through reams of climate disinfo, what stands out isn’t what one person writes, but when multiple, seemingly disparate people, all hit on the same line. We’ll leave the full quantitative analysis to others (maybe you?) but for now, we just want to flag that not-racist Alex Epstein isn’t the only one pushing the hilariously, intentionally ignorant […]

September 8th

After Breitbart dumped Delingpole, they had to grovel for funding from a bunch of rich jerks

One of the great disinformation attacks of the early 21st century was the manufactured “climategate” controversy, in which climate scientists’ emails were leaked, selectively edited and released to media as though normal scientific banter were malicious corruption. The man who takes credit for coining the name and bringing it out of the blogs and into mainstream […]

September 1st

WSJ’s opinion pages inundated with climate alarmism! (They finally publish ONE accurate story)

It’s never fun to have to issue a correction, but a few weeks ago we said that the only non-disinfo outlet to take notice of Anthony Watts’ Heartland-funded attempt to cast doubt on thermometer readings was in the form of a letter to the editor that Tony sent to the Chico Enterprise-Record. It was true when […]

Daily Caller sees climate Nazis as Germany stops heating public pools (in the middle of a heatwave)

It’s been a few months now since Koch-trained political hack Michael Bastasch was made managing editor of the once-Koch-reliant Daily Caller, and the propaganda shop is again regularly producing climate disinformation. By Climate Denier Roundup In addition to Tuesday’s hilariously, legally stupid piece, three recent stories confirm the trend. On August 14th, they published a piece claiming that “experts” are saying that “governing […]

After CO2Coalition gets banned on LinkedIn, RealClearEnergy gives them a forum to whine about it

While Facebook and Twitter continue to amplify climate disinformation, LinkedIn seems to be making some effort to deny climate deniers’ the chance to propagate climate disinformation. Most recently, the professional social network has apparently banned the CO2 Coalition’s members, and the group itself. By Climate Denier Roundup Which makes sense! Given that the group was revealed in a Greenpeace […]

GOP coordinating state-level attacks on corporate climate action – and consumers are paying the price

Republican state treasurers are coordinating with each other and conservative groups to execute a well-funded campaign to block climate policies at the state and federal level, a New York Times investigation Friday revealed. The group meets regularly to exchange tactics and talking points, taking cues from one another on implementing policies that protect fossil fuel […]

August 10th