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For climate change deniers, a single dead bald eagle is a tragedy (but billions are just a statistic)

As the Trump administration figures out sneaky ways to funnel coronavirus relief funding to the oil and gas industry, it’s also found a sneaky way to take money from wind and solar: a retroactive $50 million bill for rent for energy generated on public lands. By Climate Denier Roundup While that’s certainly their biggest problem at the moment, the […]

Wind power is a big part of climate action. When will Congress get its act together?

A New York Times article recently spoke bleakly about “the disarray in Washington.” The authors suggested that, even with its procedural shambles, Congress may be able to pass some energy legislation prior to the 2020 elections. No, it won’t be the “sweeping measure to tackle climate change that is really needed,” but it’s a bit of something “that does more good […]

March 22nd

UK onshore wind installations collapsed after govt locked wind energy out of the energy market

Onshore wind employment figures plummeted by 37% between 2016 and 2017 in the United Kingdom as the government locked onshore wind projects out from competing in the energy market. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica The UK Government’s Office for National Statistics published employment numbers for the country’s low-carbon and renewable energy industries at the end of January, […]

February 13th

Green New Deal: The Wall Street Journal Editorial Board knows nothing about wind energy

The Wall Street Journal stepped up to the proverbial plate last week to take a swing at the Democrats’ Green New Deal policy package which has been the focus of intense speculation and ire over the last few weeks as all and sundry weighed in on the validity of transitioning the United States towards relying solely on renewable […]

February 12th

Renewable energy takes center stage in Budweiser’s Super Bowl ad

With renewable energy constantly in the news these days — AOC‘s tweets, the Sunrise Movement‘s activism, the Tesla phenomenon, solar energy’s rapidly dropping costs— is it any surprise that Budweiser is joining the trend? Anheuser-Busch’s Budweiser has a definite appeal to a green audience in its Super Bowl LIII commercial, titled “Wind Never Felt Better.” By Carolyn Fortuna Cleantechnica A Dog, […]

February 4th