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Renewable Roundup: Solar and wind dominate new energy installations (even after the Coronavirus)

Yet another tipping point passed in new renewable electricity installations. We have to finish off finishing off coal, then the gas Ponzi scheme, and ramp up EV usage, helped by covid-19, fracking bankruptcies, the global oil and gas price wars, increasing divestment…and of course the fact that renewables are cheaper than destroying the planet—I mean, […]

May 9th

Leading economists: Green coronavirus recovery also better for economy

In the aftermath of the global coronavirus pandemic, governments are likely to mobilise significant spending to reinvigorate their economies. Our new research, based on surveys of more than 200 of the world’s most senior economists and economic officials, suggests that spending this money on climate-friendly “green” policy initiatives could not only help shift the world closer to […]

Top 3 reasons to invest in renewable energy NOW (yes, right in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic

As the human tragedy of the COVID-19 pandemic worsens, global restrictions to stop the spread of the virus — including stay-at-home orders, business closures and travel prohibitions — may contribute to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression. The virus has already made an indelible impact on the energy sector: Global energy use is predicted to fall […]

Solar and wind generation reach 23% of Europe’s electricity this month. (Thanks, Coronavirus!)

The coronavirus pandemic has seen entire countries locked down, with businesses, industry and travel all curtailed in an effort to limit the spread of Covid-19. My analysis for Carbon Brief shows that electricity demand in Europe has fallen by 14% as a result of the crisis, with most major economies imposing widespread restrictions. By Dave Jones CarbonBrief […]

April 29th

New York blows past offshore wind limit with 1,000 (more) MW

In yet another indicator that COVID-19 will not stop the inevitable march of renewable energy into the sparkling green future, New York State just approved another 1,000 megawatts in offshore wind — and possibly much more, if all goes according to plan. That makes 2020 the second year in a row that the state’s wind […]

April 26th

Earth Day Action: Can you help to keep the lights on at Red GREEN and Blue?

If you’d like to make a donation to a worthy cause on this 50th Earth Day.. For the past ten years, I’ve been editing and publishing, a website that brings together progressive and conservative voices in favor of climate change action. Unfortunately, with the current coronavirus economic meltdown, we’ve lost our primary funding source. So […]

April 22nd

Along with lower emissions, offshore U.S. wind industry could create 83,000 more jobs by 2030

The American Wind Energy Association, the nation’s leading wind industry trade group, issued a report this week scrutinizing the health of the offshore wind industry and forecasting that the installed capacity of offshore turbine farms will grow as much as a thousandfold between now and 2030. At that level, the industry would generate $87 billion in investment over the decade, as […]

March 16th

Elections have consequences: VA’s new Dem majority passes sweeping clean energy and climate plan

The Virginia legislature this week passed a sweeping carbon reduction and renewable energy plan. The legislation will make Virginia a leader among US states when it comes to addressing the risks posed by an overheating planet. The Washington Post reports that the Clean Economy Act will create many new employment opportunities in wind and solar industries as the […]

March 10th