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In Australia, Hornsdale Battery for solar power backup has stabilized the grid and lowered costs

Engineering consultant Aurecon Group said in a statement last week the Hornsdale battery installed two years ago in South Austrialia has exceeded expectations for the way it has stabilized the grid and lowered grid related costs. So far, the Hornsdale facility has successfully met the challenge of three major system outages and reduced network costs […]

March 10th

Building a new clean energy bridge to the future (solar and wind, not dirty gas)

According to Gizmodo reporter Brian Kahn, “The notion that natural gas is a bridge to a renewable future was first put in writing in 1979 by environmentalist Barry Commoner in his book The Politics of Energy. He called it a ‘bridge between the present, unsatisfactory reality and the still abstract, hoped-for future.’” By Michael Brune The Sierra Club […]

March 3rd

Podcast: Talking with Mark Z Jacobson about 100% Renewable Energy

In the first half of this special two-part episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Michael Barnard, Chief Strategist of TFIE Strategy Inc. and CleanTechnica contributor, takes Zach Shahan’s place as host to talk with Mark Z. Jacobson, professor at Stanford University and cofounder of The Solutions Project, about transitioning the world to 100% renewable energy. By Winter […]

March 1st

Natural gas has dominated for 10 years, but wind and solar will dominate the next 10

The Business Council For Sustainable Energy has just issued the 2020 edition of its annual Sustainable Energy In America Factbook series, and the first thing to jump out is the inclusion of natural gas under the category of “sustainable.” That’s quite a stretch, to say the least. Nevertheless, the report provides ample room for natural gas in […]

February 18th

Australia getting more electricity from renewable wind and solar energy

Prime Minister Scott  Morrison and his coterie of fossil fuel worshipers are like King Canute standing at the edge of the ocean and commanding the tide not to rise. All their huffing and puffing is doing nothing to keep Australia from leveraging its most important natural resources — sunshine and wind. Here are two small announcements that […]

February 11th

Has the GOP found its inner Lorax? Or just more subtle forms of climate change denial?

While we’re all certainly happy to see that Trump and some elected Republicans have found their inner Lorax, it’s not yet clear if they’re ready to do anything about the country’s fossil fuel addiction. Still, it creates at least the appearance of a rift between the hardcore climate denial set and the politicians who claim […]

February 7th

Coal-killing energy storage challenge (also dings natural gas)

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration has presided over the collapse of the US coal industry, but do they have to rub it in? The answer appears to be yes. On Wednesday, newly minted Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette announced an all-hands-on-deck initiative to push the energy storage envelope farther into coal-killing territory. For good […]

January 14th