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Climate change action at a crossroads: 2020 reveals reasons for optimism

It seems like a lifetime ago when at the Rio Earth Summit in 1992, I watched more than 100 heads of state and government queue to sign the original documents of the Framework Convention on Climate Change, the Biodiversity Convention and Agenda 21. Negotiations had been tough, and some leaders were more enthusiastic than others. […]

January 10th

War on Science: Despite denier talking points, solar and wind are MUCH cheap than oil, coal and gas

A new report published this week by the International Renewable Energy Agency has found that 77% of onshore wind projects and 83% of utility-scale solar PV projects set to be commissioned in 2020 will be cheaper than the lowest fossil fuel-fired generation prices. The news has been heralded across the internet as a death-blow for […]

June 3rd

We shattered a CO2 record last month. Here’s how we can build a Green New Deal.

It’s impossible to talk about infrastructure without talking about the Green New Deal.  For the purpose of these diaries, we will refer to the version(1) of the Green New Deal put out by Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in H.Res. 109.  This bill calls for the United States to convert to 100% renewable energy within 10 years through a massive mobilization on the order […]

We could hit renewable energy targets with just $300 billion/year (comparable to present investment in oil & gas)

Dutch bank ING’s global economists and strategists department published a new report on Wednesday, which outlines the necessary investment for a 64% reduction in global energy-related CO2 emissions by 2050. The latest report follows on from a survey conducted by ING at the end of 2018 which asked whether technology could provide the answer to […]

May 3rd

Rick Perry has kind words for renewables, energy storage, and nuclear (sorry, coal!)

The battle between renewable energy and fossil fuel is already at a boiling point, but that’s nothing compared to the steaming hot mosh pit of internecine warfare going on between coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy. In the latest development on that score, US Energy Secretary Rick Perry went on a bomb-throwing mission at the […]

May 2nd

Analysis concludes renewables are too expensive (using outdated figures and piling on extraneous costs)

The costs of wind and solar energy keep falling; installing a new wind turbine costs about a third of what it did in 2008. Solar prices fell by 88 percent during that time. In fact, renewable energy is so inexpensive, utilities have found that they can save customers money by closing coal plants early and replacing them with wind and solar […]

California coast goes gaga over floating wind energy

Things sure are happening fast around the US offshore wind power scene. Up until last week it looked like wind development along the Pacific coast would be a long time coming. Well, that was then. All of a sudden, no less than 14 companies are duking it out for the right to power up wind […]

May 1st