Katharine Hayhoe on Climate Change and the Coronavirus (video)

  • Published on April 6th, 2020

This week’s must watch: Climate change and coronavirus. In her popular and informative Global Weirding series, Katharine Hayhoe explains the connection between climate change and the coronavirus. “Climate change is a big issue, but no, it is not the only one we face,” she says. “Was [coronavirus] caused by climate change or not? No, it was not. So does that mean that coronavirus or other emerging viruses or flu-like illnesses or infectious diseases have nothing to do with climate change at all? No, it doesn’t mean that either.”

By Chelsea Henderson
EcoRight News/ RepublicEN

Interesting personal note: In the segment, Katharine mentions the 1918 Spanish Flu and how it changed her family history. Well, I was talking to my 102-year old grandma the other night, and she mentioned that she was a baby during that pandemic and that her mother, my great grandmother, nearly died from that flu.

She was so sick that her hair fell out—and grew back totally white. She was 30 years old. Of course, as a child, I just presumed she had bright white hair because she was old (she lived to be 101). Obviously, I never got the backstory.

So the lesson is: Call your family elders! They may have stories to share that you’ve never heard before. And if they are like my grandmother, they are incredibly bored in their isolation and will appreciate the chance to talk.

Okay, on to Katharine’s informative video:

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