New Survey: Americans don’t think the government is doing enough on climate

  • Published on June 27th, 2020

new survey conducted by the Pew Charitable Trusts finds that two-thirds of Americans think the federal government should do more on climate change. “At a time when partisanship colors most views of policy, broad majorities of the public – including more than half of Republicans and overwhelming shares of Democrats – say they would favor a range of initiatives to reduce the impacts of climate change, including large-scale tree planting efforts, tax credits for businesses that capture carbon emissions and tougher fuel efficiency standards for vehicles,” according to their summary.

By Chelsea Henderson
EcoRight News/ RepublicEN

The key takeaways:

  • 49% of Republicans who are millennials or younger say the federal government is doing too little to reduce the effects of climate change.
  • That’s compared to 38% of Republicans in Generation X and 25% of Republicans who are baby boomers and older.
  • Nearly 90% of those surveyed support the idea of planting a trillion trees around the world to absorb carbon emissions (including 88% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents).

Where you live in relation to the coastline makes a difference with 45% of Republicans living less than 25 miles from the coast acknowledging they experience local impacts of climate change. Only 31% of those Republicans who live more than 300 miles from the coast acknowledge seeing local impacts.

(Re-posted from RepublicEN, an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership.)

About the Author is an organization committed to growing U.S. conservative climate leadership. Members of republicEn are conservatives, libertarians, and pragmatists of diverse political opinion. We stand together because we believe in American free enterprise. We believe that with a true level playing field, free enterprise can deliver the innovation to solve climate change. But America's climate policy needs to change. Change requires that conservative leaders step-up and lead. Climate change is real and we believe it's our duty and our opportunity to reduce the risks. But to make a difference, we have to fight climate change with free enterprise instead of ineffective subsidies and regulations.

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