20+ Memorable Earth Day Posters from 1970-2009

  • Published on April 21st, 2013

This Monday, April 22, is Earth Day 2013! So we thought we’d pull up this review of classic Earth Day posters from the past 43 years.



(Pogo via Walt Kelley)

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  • interesting collection..think peter max had a few offerings.

    • Jeremy Bloom

      Thanks for pointing that out! I tracked one down and added it in…

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  • Whoa! Thanks for including my poster in this! i feel honored haah. I wonder if you remember where you found it?

  • The ’94 design is really hard to read, and I didn’t even really try. That’s never good when it comes to poster design. The ’92 poster is really powerful with the red blood of the trees that were cut down.

  • wtf-

    The Army one is there because of the sheer irony of it. I actually think it's kind of funny, but you'd be surprised to learn the U.S. Army Earth Day posters were the best indexed and most easily locatable series of posters on the internet.

  • wtf

    the army one is retarded…an oxymoron

  • The ones from the 2000s are far more strong than the 1990s. The one from the Pennsylvania state government is so retro, with the shape of the state and the eagle. Like that one!

    Like the clear, bright images of plants and water on the 2006 one from Washtenaw Community College.

    It's interesting that the tones of the posters vary so much, from peaceful to militant.

  • John Davies

    Wow, talking about a trip down memory lane!


  • Isbah


  • I love 2003 poster!

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I think I liked 1992's best. simple yet effective.

  • I'm surprised by how many extremely mediocre posters are in this collection. The early ones are all great, but once it hit the 90s the quality started to decline fast.

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  • BB

    Were you able to locate any of the wanted posters for Earth Day founder Ira Einhorn, who killed his girlfriend, hid her in a trunk, then ran to France and lived the high life for years until they finally caught his sorry ass.

    • Jeremy Bloom

      Ira Einhorn was “Earth Day founder” only in his mind. From wikipedia:
      “Einhorn… claimed to have been instrumental in creating Earth Day in 1970, and claimed that during the first Earth Day event, he was on stage as master of ceremonies, although other event organizers dispute his account, including a rebuttal during testimony in Einhorn’s murder trial.”
      Earth Day was a widely-distributed grassroots event, although there was an element of central coordination – Senator Gaylord Nelson spearheaded the effort nationally, and hired Harvard student/organizer Denis Hayes to coordinate. Large events were held in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Chicago… and Philadelphia, which is where Einhorn managed to grab a microphone for a few minutes.
      I love the way you wingers at FreeRepublic manage to take a tiny little story and blow it up into an attempt to completely discredit the entire 41-year history of Earth Day. Nice try.
      More background on Earth Day here….

      • D

        Bravo to you for your comments. I was at the first Earth Day in Philly and Einhorn was nothing to us. He has nothing to do with what that day represented.