EVs and the Grid Summit – Improving the electrification of the US transportation system

  • Published on August 29th, 2017

The EVs & the Grid Summit* will bring together regulators, utilities, city planners, OEMs, charging station hosts, and others to discuss vehicle-grid integration (VGI) and the electrification of America’s transportation system. You should be there!

(Sponsored content)EVs and the Grid summit, Oct 17-19, San Francisco

Infocast’s EVs & the Grid Summit, set for October 17–19, 2017, in San Francisco, California, will create partnership opportunities among all major players and investors in the electric vehicles industry.

California’s three major utilities have already laid out plans worth over $1 billion to electrify the state’s transportation system. Regional associations, such as NESCAUM, have rolled out initiatives of their own, while $2 billion from the Volkswagen funds will be invested into Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) infrastructure and education programs over the next 10 years.

However, there are uncertainties surrounding the ZEV infrastructure ownership and responsibilities, rate design, range capabilities, and charging times, which can be deterrents to widespread consumer adoption. A tight, ongoing coordination is required between all parties. The rollout of programs, technologies, protocols, and standards needs to proceed in an integrated way.

The long list of EVs & the Grid participants includes San Diego Gas & Electric, South California Edison, Foothill Transit, City of Seattle, California Energy Commission, General Motors, and BMW Group.

Additionally, the Summit will include regulatory perspectives on electric vehicles adoption. Attendees will get insights from distinguished speakers, such as Amy Zimpfer, Associate Director, Air Division of US Environmental Protection Agency, and Elise M. Keddie, Manager, Zero Emission Vehicle Implementation of California Air Resources Board.

EVs & the Grid Event

“I like how the summit was structured from government to V2G to utilities, private companies, local governments and businesses,” said past attendee Daniel Maloney, Energy Management of Los Angeles County.

Critical issues that will be covered at the summit include energy service business models, building an infrastructure ecosystem to accelerate EV adoption and the impacts of demand charge reform.

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