The Cartoonist vs. Big Coal (cartoons)

  • Published on October 13th, 2009

Mean Joe Green #76: The Cartoonist vs. Big Coal

I have taken on Big Coal.

OK–obviously I cannot win. In a cage match between Big Coal and me, Big Coal would be like the real Mean Joe Greene of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ “Steel Curtain” defense, and I would be…well, me–the other Mean Joe Green (although, I did play college football, for what it’s worth).

However, I am not attempting to take down Big Coal–a D2 wide receiver has little hope against a Hall of Fame defensive lineman. I am simply attempting to shine a small light on the corruption that surrounds a multi-billion dollar industry struggling to hold on to its inevitably diminishing wealth. An industry focused on profit at the expense of the health of air and water, thereby, the health of those who breathe and drink it–an industry on its way out.

Please enjoy my archive of 11 Big Coal cartoons, below (click on the cartoon titles to see the accompanying text for each cartoon):

“Clean Coal?!” from 3/29/2008

“CO2 Molecules for McCain”, from 9/11/2008

“Coal’s New Look” from 11/18/2008

“Naughty Mayors May Get Coal This Year” from 12/03/2008

“Want Coal? Expect Occassional Sludge” from 12/31/2008

“The Lights are on but Nobody’s Home” from 3/4/2009

“Rep. Rahall (D) Shows His Love for (getting money from) Coal (companies)” from 7/21/2009

“Big Coal Claims Climate Bill Unfair” from 8/7/2009

“Hunger Strike Protest for Coal and Oil” from 9/2/2009

“Old King Coal’s New Nursery Rhyme” from 9/24/2009

“CO2 Isn’t Good for You…It’s GREAT!!!” from 10/1/2009

Mean Joe Green Cartoon Archive, #’s 1-76

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