Snappy answers to annoying electric vehicle questions

  • Published on July 22nd, 2017

Now that I’ve been driving an electric vehicle (a Tesla Model S) around on a regular basis for a few weeks, I’m getting bored with the most common questions. Over and over again…

By Zachary Shahan Tesla-Shuttle-Lokum-Da-Vinci-3-570x287

  • How far can you drive?”
  • How long does it take to charge?”
  • How fast can it go?” (max speed)
  • How fast is it?” (acceleration)

I had already picked up some fun/clever responses over the past few years from CleanTechnica readers and Electric Vehicle forums, but now I’m eager to come up with some new ones and vary my responses a bit more. Below are answers to each of these four questions, answers that I either picked up somewhere over the past few years or just came up with.

Drop more in the comments below. Let’s see how much fun we can have!

“How far can your electric vehicle drive?”Tesla-Shuttle-Supercharging-1

  • Around the world. (Just have to charge up whenever the battery is low.)
  • As far as there’s land.
  • As far as a petrol/diesel car.
  • How far can a bird fly?
  • To anywhere in Europe … that’s not separated by vast expanses of water.
  • With a full battery, the rated range is 425 kilometers, but you have this cool feature that you can actually put electricity back into the battery to drive further.
  • You can drive for several hours without charging, but then you have to use magic to put electricity back into the battery.
  • Depends on how upset my wife is.

“How long does it take to charge?”tesla supercharger

  • I don’t know — I’m always doing other things while it’s charging.
  • Good question. I’m not sure. I don’t pay much attention to that since I always get caught up with other things while it’s happening — work, meetings with friends/colleagues, family time, dinner, sleep.
  • I don’t know — I’m always doing other things while it’s charging.
  • A few seconds — I basically just plug in, do other things, and then unplug when I’m done or ready to go.
  • A few seconds when plugging in and a few seconds when unplugging.
  • It’s hard to tell, because I always start doing other things after it starts charging and I don’t keep track of the time.
  • Much shorter than the time it sits parked and not charging.

“How fast can it go?” (max speed)Tesla Model 3

  • I have no idea — I drove it on the Autobahn faster than “the competition” and had a lot of fun but I didn’t check how fast it could go.
  • I have no idea — faster than it should.
  • Good question. It feels like a rocket ship but I never tried to get it going fast enough to fly into space.
  • Faster than I’ve ever driven a car.
  • Faster than I think is safe.
  • When it’s driving itself or when I’m driving?
  • Faster than a roller coaster, that’s for sure.
  • Faster than my wife approves.
  • It depends how many policemen are following me.

“How fast is it?” (acceleration)tesla shuttle

  • Well, it’s bloody insane how quick it is.
  • Quicker than almost anything on the road.
  • Quicker than any other car you’ve seen this year.
  • It feels like a spaceship when driving or like a roller coaster as a passenger.
  • Quicker than almost any Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari ever produced.
  • Quicker than should be legal.
  • Quicker than a Superman on steroids.
  • Quick enough to make a Porsche cry.
  • Quick enough to make you pee your pants.

Images via Tesla Shuttle 

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  • This item was fun to read, but …

    as a long time EVangel (since 1990) promoting EVs by talking to the public, answering their EV questions, …

    and especially now, when NDEW (National Drive Electric Week) EVents will be happening not just in the U.S., but around the world …

    * I Do Not recommend anyone (even jokingly) use these as answers to EV-ignorant questions.

    Enough of the public would take the answers as snotty, that you are chiding them for their EV-ignorance, that you are taking-out your frustration with repetitive Q&A on them, etc.

    I feel using these answers would do a disservice to the EV-cause, rather than any good.

    Remember that there are now many, many noob production EV drivers that have nary a clue of all the work that has gone into getting us to this point. The EV battle is not won yet, and we need everyone on the same page of not showing nor expressing your intolerance with the public who have not been told anything about EVs, or a bunch of false opinions, and just plain anti-EV agenda fakenews.

    If you can not stand the heat of all these (what may seem like idiot) EV questions, then do not put your self in a position by Not going to shows or EVents where the public come to ask these questions. And for the few times you are asked away from those shows, be honest and say you have to defer them to use the web site (of your choice , etc.) …

    Some noobie EV drivers just bought the ‘thing’ (their EV) to enjoy, but like it or not, they have to understand they are now EV-ambassadors. What they say and do affects the plugin community as a whole (watch your P’s and Q’s same as the EV old-timers -before production EVs- did when talking the public).
    evdl org evln