Author: Zachary Shahan

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Tesla Model 3 demolishes Ford Mustang and Dodge Charger sales

A little while after I published articles about Tesla’s US 1st quarter sales earlier this month, I discovered that our estimates for foreign sales had been too pessimistic. Sales abroad were much higher in the 1st quarter than we initially thought — most notably, in Europe, South Korea, and China. That meant that US Tesla […]

April 28th

A data look at Coronavirus – Good news, bad news, and more bad news

Some data has been collected that I’ve been waiting days or longer for a better journalist than me to pull together. Taking it and some other research into account, we’ve got some good, bad, bad, and potentially good news on the coronavirus pandemic to share and discuss. By Zachary Shahan Cleantechnica The Financial Times (FT) journalists and […]

April 27th

Tesla Model 3 = 6th Best Selling Car in USA

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t done with the headlines, despite the Model Y’s review-grabbing arrival and the coronavirus pandemic we’re dealing with at the moment. Tesla has climbed the rankings of the top selling cars in the USA and placed the Model 3 on the 6th rung*. That’s up from 9th in 2019 as a whole, […]

April 6th

EVs – The electric car tipping point (It’s all about cost)

One of the most interesting and most challenging things in my career in cleantech media in the past decade has been communicating technology transitions. It is simply so difficult for us humans to deeply comprehend (or “digest”) the arc of the trends as they are occurring. Even a rapid market transition seems like it is […]

March 23rd

Tesla Model 3 – 14% of world’s EV sales in 2019

The Tesla Model 3 is the Usain Bolt of the electric vehicle market. It is far and away the most popular electric vehicle in the world. It had nearly 3× as many sales last year as the 2nd best selling electric vehicle (EV), the BAIC EU-Series (only sold in China), and it accounted for ~4× […]

February 7th