Author: Citizens' Climate Lobby

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Climate change: Extreme heat caused more deaths than Hurricane Florence this summer

With the term “climate change” used more often than “global warming” these days, sometimes it’s easy to overlook one of the key changes we can expect: extreme heat. This summer, devastating heat waves swept across the Northern Hemisphere. From Japan to Canada, across Europe and the United States, extreme temperatures have taken hundreds of lives. […]

September 19th

Four ways a carbon tax would improve the economy

Economists are overwhelmingly in favor of charging for carbon pollution via a tax or fee. This blog post explores the many reasons why. By Jerry Hinkle Citizens’ Climate Lobby Economics Policy Network We start with the theoretical—how Pigovian Taxes improve the economy. Then to the practical, we discuss the impact of such taxation on near-term […]

September 18th

The Market Choice Act puts a price on carbon and cuts US emissions – and economic benefits outweigh costs

On July 23, Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FL), the co-chair of the Climate Solutions Caucus, introduced the Market Choice Act, HR 6463. The purpose of this post is to explore estimates of the economic and emissions impact of the bill. We discuss the general provisions of the bill, the economic and energy models used to evaluate it, […]

September 17th

How does partisanship drive climate policy? Social psychologists explore the answers.

What role does partisanship play in environmental policy? How can we motivate more action? Social psychologists Dr. Leaf Van Boven of University of Colorado and Dr. David Sherman of Stanford study exactly that. Their inspiring and timely work has recently appeared in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science, the New York Times, and now on Citizens’ Climate […]

September 15th

10 fast facts about the benefits of a revenue-neutral carbon tax

The most sophisticated economic models available today tell a consistent story about the likely impacts of levying a national fee on fossil fuels: By changing the daily behavior of every consumer, investor, and enterprise, such fees would dramatically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the single largest man-made greenhouse gas, as well as conventional air pollutants […]

September 13th

Global Climate Action Summit starts Weds Sept 12 in San Francisco

This year has brought with it historic climate impacts and, appropriately, historic levels of awareness about the threat of climate change. It’s against that backdrop that the Global Climate Action Summit (GCAS) takes place Sept. 12-14 in San Francisco. The Summit is bringing together climate change leaders from around the world and aims to catalyze climate action to stave off the […]

September 10th

Yale poll shows nationwide support for revenue-neutral carbon tax

The latest polling from Yale shows that 68 percent of U.S. adults support a revenue-neutral carbon tax. That means Congress has historic, nationwide support to act on climate. By Steve Valk Citizens Climate Lobby Last week, the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication updated its Climate Opinion Maps with data that included responses to 14 new questions. […]