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Minnesota group that fights against clean mining regulations touts clean mining regulations as reason to mine Minnesota (plus racism!)

This week, the Center for the American Experiment is launching a new ad campaign, complete with a 30-second TV spot and billboards, according to a post about “the harm done by environmentalists,” by CAE head and Power Line blogger John Hinderaker. By Climate Denier Roundup (The same John Hinderaker who once said he is “keeping a sharp […]

Corporate climate Pledges are failing the planet – AND investors

Underscoring expert warnings about the inadequacy of current global pledges to cut planet-heating emissions, the world’s largest climate-focused investor initiative released an analysis Monday detailing how the biggest corporate polluters are falling short in terms transitioning to net-zero businesses by 2050 or sooner. By Jessica Corbett Common Dreams After sending letters last September to companies responsible for the most greenhouse […]

March 23rd

MONARCH Act introduced to ensure the beloved pollinator is around for future generations

A group of bipartisan lawmakers introduced two bills on Wednesday to boost conservation of the western monarch butterfly to save the population from total collapse. The legislation comes at critical moment for the iconic species. The Xerces Society said in January after its latest annual western monarch count that 1,914 monarchs butterflies were recorded overwintering on the […]

March 21st

7 ways to avoid becoming a misinformation superspreader

The problem of misinformation isn’t going away. Internet platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken some steps to curb its spread and say they are working on doing more. But no method yet introduced has been completely successful at removing all misleading content from social media. The best defense, then, is self-defense.   By H. […]

March 19th

When it comes to U.S. climate, what’s normal is about to change

Every decade, member nations of the World Meteorological Organization release an updated version of their country’s climate normals—a statistically smoothed, carefully quality-controlled, 30-year average of recent climate conditions. NOAA climate experts at the National Centers for Environmental Information are currently working on the new U.S. Climate Normals, which span 1991-2020. The new data are planned for […]

March 16th

Oil industry loves to make ludicrous assumptions about job impact of anti-oil policies

One of the defining features of organized denial is that it’s coordinated and relies on politicians, pundits and industry spokespeople singing from the same hymnal, each validating the other while appearing as though they’re working independently. By Climate Denier Roundup  In Floodlight’s latest investigation, Emily Holden worked with Cooper McKim of Wyoming Public Media to expose […]

Support, or sabotage? Top OECD Secretary candidate runs on embrace of climate policies he’s always fought before

As has become clear thanks to great reporting, the dirty energy industry is fighting dirty to stop climate action and weaken it where it can’t stop it, all while claiming that it’s Very Concerned about climate change. For example, Wednesday (after the bulk of this roundup was already drafted), ExxonMobil graciously embraced federal carbon sequestration — essentially asking for […]

‘The Time Is Now’: Survey finds overwhelming international support for greater environmental protection ahead of UN Climate Conference

An international survey conducted by the University of Cambridge and YouGov ahead of this November’s COP26 United Nations Climate Change Conference, and published on Monday, found overwhelming support around the world for governments taking more robust action to protect the environment amid the worsening climate crisis. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams  The pollsters surveyed 14,627 adults in seven […]

March 4th