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Removing names of slavers and massacre makers from public buildings is one element of justice

Amanda Rosa at The New York Times writes about the administration of Columbia University’s plans to change the name of Bard Hall, a dormitory named after Dr. Samuel Bard for his contributions to the university’s medical school. The dorm was named for Bard in 1931, the powers-that-be having decided to ignore the fact that Bard had owned eight slaves and had put up […]

August 30th

Seattle meteorologist (and climate denier darling) Cliff Mass compares BLM protests to Nazi’s Kristallnacht

University of Washington Meteorologist Cliff Mass, something of a big deal in the Pacific Northwest weather scene and bit player in the climate denial world as someone who’s not-a-denier-but-is-someone-deniers-love, wrote a (now-thrice-edited) blog post comparing the Black Lives Matter protesters in Seattle to the Brownshirts and Nazis who carried out Kristallnacht, calling photos of the two events “eerily […]

New guide to diversity In STEM deals with racism in academia and science

Back in 2017, we discussed why racism matters for science, in 2018 we explored the intersectionality of hate and climate denial, and in January of 2019, pointed you to now-rather-busy Professor Ibram X. Kendi’s anti-racism research. Since then, we’ve explained how racism is driving air pollution, highlighted the NAACP’s report on fossil fuel propaganda, spotlighted Nazis in conservative media and white nationalists in Oregon, reminded the environmental community of its own failings, […]

Fine-particle air pollution has decreased across the US, but poor and minority communities are still the most polluted

Air pollution contributes to as many as 9 million premature deaths worldwide each year – twice as many as war, other violence, HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Fine particulate matter air pollution is especially dangerous: Microscopic particles readily enter the lungs, bloodstream and brain, with health effects that include infant death, reduced life expectancy for […]

August 2nd

Renewable Roundup: Whatever it is, it’s time (from MLK to John Lewis to me and you)

We became a majority in the US in the 1990s, held back only by the Vast RightWrong-Wing Conspiracy of lies, hate, gerrymanders, voter suppression, a corrupt Supreme Court, and the Russians, aided by thatidiotComey. But now it’s time. By Mokurai Our time has come. All of us, Black, White, Green, or Purple; Jew and Gentile and Muslim and whatever; […]

July 27th

Environmentalists should pay close attention to the racial justice movement

It might appear opportunistic to link the climate and racial justice movements at a time when race is shaping the conversation in the media, in our workplaces, and in our homes. But as Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson has recently explained, on the air and in her recent Washington Post op-ed, “Our racial inequality crisis is intertwined with our climate crisis. […]

July 21st

Portland mothers form human shield to protect protesters from Federal agents. Feds respond with gas and pepper rounds.

Angered over the arrival of federal agents in Portland, Oregon, where racial justice protests have been ongoing for nearly two months, dozens of mothers from across the city joined demonstrators over the weekend to form a “Wall of Moms.” The human shield was formed by the mothers to protect hundreds of demonstrators assembling in the city who […]

July 21st

Citizens Climate Lobby: Racism, climate & working together

Our country is going through an important time right now. Spurred by weeks of protest, millions of people and many organizations are reckoning with their role in America’s ongoing racial injustice, listening to and learning from people that have too often been ignored, and identifying ways to do better. By Flannery Winchester Citizens Climate Lobby […]

Langston Hughs – Let America Be America Again

Langston Hughes was a great man and a great poet. In particular he is the perfect antidote for MAGAism. “Let America Be America Again (America never was America to me.)” We should have trumpeted today’s poem from the moment Trump came down the escalator. We should be declaiming it in chorus every day. For myself, I […]

July 12th

Environmental justice: Ahmaud Arbery’s Georgia home town is now 96% white (the black folk got moved to a superfund site)

In the wake of the Feb. 23 killing of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery by white vigilantes on the outskirts of Brunswick, Georgia, the idyllic veil is being lifted off the state’s so-called “Golden Isles” that include St. Simons Island and Brunswick, revealing a history of systemic oppression and systematic racism. Once a haven for descendants of Africans who were enslaved there, St. Simons is now 96% […]

July 12th

TikTok teens and the Trump campaign: How social media amplifies political activism and threatens election integrity

The lower-than-expected attendance at President Trump’s rally in Tulsa on June 20 was attributed, at least in part, to an online army of K-pop fans who used the social network TikTok to organize and reserve tickets for the rally as a means of pranking the campaign. By Anjana Susarla, Michigan State University The Conversation Similarly, […]