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Unlike their damnfool parents, millennials WANT government to work

By Meteor Blades While some politicians want to keep starving government, including money for repairing, restoring and innovating our decaying infrastructure…. Tom Shoop at Government Executive writes: Millennials—More Government, Please: Much has been written about the disgust of the millennial generation with the state of the U.S. political system and about how federal agencies haven’t been able to […]

August 16th

The GOP SOTU Response: To Win The Future, We Must Return to the Past

Neither Rep. Paul Ryan’s official Republican response to the State of the Union, nor Rep. Michele Bachmann’s Tea Party auxiliary response, actually responded to President Obama’s speech. Instead, both were campaign speeches. More of our State of the Union Coverage: State of the Union – Video and full text Video and full text of the […]

January 26th

Conservatives Call for More Spending – On Science

As the new GOP/Tea Party majority takes control of the House of Representatives, it’s refreshing that some conservatives are reminding them that there’s more to life than cutting spending. Columnist George Will, one of the pre-eminent conservative voices of the past 30 years, uses his column in the Washington Post to remind Boehner & Company […]

January 5th