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Coalition sues to block Trump’s scorched-earth attack on bedrock environmental law NEPA

A coalition of 20 organizations filed a lawsuit on Wednesday seeking to block the Trump administration’s gutting of a law dubbed the “Magna Carta” of U.S. environmental legislation. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), a five-decade old law, “embodies our nation’s environmental conscience” and “expressly commands the federal government to ‘fulfill the responsibilities of each generation as trustee […]

August 1st

While cleaning up California’s deadliest fire, PG&E hired a well-known polluter to manage their dump operations

In selecting Bay Area Concrete for the environmentally sensitive job, PG&E ignored the firm’s history of illegal dumping and conflict with regulators, as well as its employment of a senior manager connected to environmental crimes, according to interviews and a review of court records, public documents and business filings by the Bay City News Foundation […]

Environmental journalists shouldn’t try to be “fair and balanced” when Trump is unfair and imbalanced

The Society of Environmental Journalists had a webinar last week with Columbia University’s Earth Institute that discussed how the Trump administration has ramped up efforts to take advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic to further roll back regulations to benefit polluters. By Climate Denier Roundup Western Wire, the Western Energy Association’s blog, wrote about the event, and it’s […]

As 60,000 die from Coronavirus, Trump launches secret war on regulations that SAVE LIVES

Earlier this year I wrote about Trump administration environmental deregulations, and our readers responded with their positions on which acts would have the most long-term harm. Who knew that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) would be at it again, especially during the pandemic crisis? According to Nature, the EPA is pressing forward with controversial efforts to roll back […]

May 1st

Trump appoints climate-denying coal lobbyist Wheeler to run the EPA. Of course.

To absolutely nobody’s surprise, Donald Trump announced Friday that he is nominating the acting chief of the Environmental Protection Agency to become its administrator. Three things can be expected from this replacement of the disgraced grifter Scott Pruitt: little or no spending of taxpayers’ money for personal gain and probably no other ethics scandals, a better understanding of but no better attitude toward […]

November 18th

Drain the Swamp: As one Trump deregulator is indicted, another is nominated to one step below the Supreme Court

On Tuesday, an Alabama grand jury indicted Trey Glenn, the man Trump chose to lead the Southeast region’s EPA office, on charges of violating state ethics laws concerning public officials taking gifts from lobbyists.   By Climate Denier Roundup Glenn is charged with breaking Alabama’s Ethics Act on multiple counts, stemming from his time as a lobbyist […]

November 17th

Deregulation – compared to what? Is it time to get rid of the traffic lights and stop signs?

Supposedly, a fundamental debate between Republicans and Democrats in the US is regulation vs deregulation – whether the federal government should be more or less active in protecting and guiding society. But the key question is “more or less active” compared to what? And on which topics? Democrats are not in favor of communism. And, presumably, […]

October 22nd

By trashing smart regulation, Trump is leading us to a new Robber Baron Era

The Trump administration has a clear economic objective: deregulate. Loosening regulations on industries, the White House believes, will lead to faster growth and more jobs. This is the stated reason for pulling the U.S. from the international climate accord, and the economic justification for seeking to rescind the EPA Clean Power Plan that limits carbon emissions from plants. By Jeremi […]

October 18th

Market forces are NOT with Trump. They’re with clean energy.

You want numbers proving that Trump is on the wrong side of history when it comes to climate change, the Paris agreement, and the battle between clean energy and dirty coal? We’ve got numbers for you. By Jeremy Bloom Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jason Bordoff (@JasonBordoff) founding director of the Center on Global Energy Policy […]

June 1st