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DNC Chair Perez blasts Trump for breaking government promises to American Indians

Since long before the founding of the Republic, the settler populations from the Puritans onward did their best to wipe out the indigenous peoples of what is now the United States. By Meteor Blades  The vast majority of American Indians—likely in their millions—were killed by European-brought diseases. But public policy, spoken and written, was predicated on extermination, sometimes […]

August 10th

David Brin: The case for a scientific nation, part one

By David Brin While the Democrats held their gathering, I kept getting messages: “How did you know offshore banking havens, like the Caymans, would become a big issue?”,  referring to my 1989 novel EARTH, in which secret caches of stolen wealth became the world issue by the 2020s. Despite grim satisfaction from successful forecasting, I get no charge out of […]

September 9th

DNC: Wednesday’s environmental update

While there wasn’t much talk about climate change at the Democratic Convention Wednesday, there were other environmental issues that came up – particularly clean energy. And the central theme appeared to be putting the country back to work – not by dumping more tax breaks on the richest 1 percent, but by leveling the playing […]

September 6th