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Professor Juan Cole compares big oil to mass murderers

Oxfam, the British organisation that fights world hunger, has bad news for us all – it’s going to get worse.

After decades of decline, it looks like a combination of rising food prices and global warming will push a billion people who now live on the brink over the edge – into starvation. And that’s got Professor Juan Cole pretty angry.

June 1st

Egypt’s Ethanol Revolution: Bad US Policy Driving Up Worldwide Food Prices

Food riots may be a big part of the pro-Democracy push in Mid-Eastern countries like Tunisia and Egypt. But the root cause of spiking food prices is the US’s foolish ethanol policy – turning food into fuel. But because Gingrich, Sarah Palin, et al need to go through the meat grinder of the Iowa Caucuses next year, it looks like we’re going to keep turning food into foolishness.

February 1st