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Tesla’s Elon Musk just became the longest-serving CEO in the auto industry

Ah, the callow and cocksure Elon Musk, the bad boy gamer from Silicon Valley, the brash, iconoclastic upstart who dares to challenge the time-tested titans of transportation! Would that be the same Elon Musk who recently became the longest-serving CEO in the global auto industry? By Charles Morris EVANNEX As Simon Alvarez writes in Teslarati (drawing on reporting […]

August 6th

Tesla: SEC and Elon Musk reach a deal

After federal judge Alison Nathan told Tesla and the SEC to “put your reasonableness pants on” earlier this month, lawyers for Tesla hammered out a new agreement that clarifies what Elon Musk can and cannot say without getting permission from his mommy company lawyers. Depending on who you ask, the original tweet from last year that […]

April 30th

Comparing EVs on price per mile – Tesla wins

With all the hype Big Auto generates with press releases and concept cars, you’d think its dealerships would be flooded with electric vehicles by now. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. But slowly, ever so slowly, new EVs are being introduced. How do they compare with Tesla vehicles? That’s always the first question on everyone’s lips. […]

April 10th

Tesla’s vision of the future: Solar + battery storage + EVs

Part of investors’ fascination with Tesla has long been the company’s focus on the evolution of manufacturing hardware and software. The plan to integrate energy generation and storage — to “create stunning solar roofs with seamlessly integrated battery storage,” as described in Master Plan, Part Deux — has also provided allure. Sure, the Tesla acquisition of SolarCity […]

April 8th

Could Tesla continue to post hyperactive growth?

You can see from the chart below that Tesla has had incredible growth in revenue over the last 10 years, growing from about $15 million in annual revenue in 2008 to over $21 billion in the recently completed 2018 calendar year. This 107% compounded growth rate isn’t uncommon for small startups, but fast growth gets […]

March 25th

Book excerpt: How Elon Musk’s Tesla Sparked an Electric Revolution to End the Age of Oil

To understand how electric cars can end the Age of Oil, you might want to visit a fast food restaurant. Oil may have dominated our economic times, but it fades in significance when compared to salt. Civilization was built on the stuff that McDonald’s now gives its customers for free. By Hamish McKenzie Excerpted from Insane […]

March 25th

For a cleantech future, we need more women engineers (and not just at Tesla)

Women have increased their numbers in professions previously dominated by men, including law, business, medicine, and many STEM fields. However, the number of women in engineering in the US has not risen since the early 2000s. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates a large need for engineers and computer-related employees over the next 10 years […]

March 19th

The Tesla Model Y vs the bottom line

I sat down to watch the Model Y unveiling last night with a list of questions that I was hoping to get answered from a business perspective. Namely, where the Model Y was going to be produced, what quantities the company was looking at, and whether there were any hints about current demand to help […]

March 15th

Tesla Model 3 — As Cheap As A Toyota Or Honda But 3× Better

We’re at a pretty wild time in automotive history. We’ve got a car on the market that has better performance than a BMW 3 Series or 4 Series, is safer than any other passenger car, has a “fuel efficiency” rating of about 120–130 MPGe, has a 5-year total cost of ownership comparable to a Toyota Camry or […]

March 7th