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Fake environmentalist Mike Shellenberger spreads fake talking points to promote lie-filled book

We first mentioned nuclear power-lover and renewable-hating former environmentalist Michael Shellenberger back in 2015, when he accused the Pope of blasphemy (among other things). By 2018 his anti-renewable schtick was catching on with the paid-by-fossil-fuels denial crowd, for example in his embrace of pollution-publicist Steve Milloy’s argument that a little nuclear radiation is perfectly safe. By Climate Denier Roundup Now […]

Election 2020: How fake accounts constantly manipulate what you see on social media – and what you can do about it

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram started out as a way to connect with friends, family and people of interest. But anyone on social media these days knows it’s increasingly a divisive landscape. Undoubtedly you’ve heard reports that hackers and even foreign governments are using social media to manipulate and attack you. You may […]

An Illustrated History of Government Agencies Twisting the Truth to Align With White House Misinformation

It has become a familiar pattern: President Donald Trump says something that doesn’t line up with the facts held by scientists and other experts at government agencies. Then, instead of pushing back, federal officials scramble to reconcile the fiction with their own public statements.  By Eric Umansky ProPublica It happened in March, when Trump pushed […]

June 28th

Coronavirus responses highlight how humans are hardwired to dismiss facts that don’t fit their worldview

Bemoaning uneven individual and state compliance with public health recommendations, top U.S. COVID-19 adviser Anthony Fauci recently blamed the country’s ineffective pandemic response on an American “anti-science bias.” He called this bias “inconceivable,” because “science is truth.” Fauci compared those discounting the importance of masks and social distancing to “anti-vaxxers” in their “amazing” refusal to […]

June 27th

Seeing is believing: how media mythbusting can actually make false beliefs stronger

As the COVID-19 pandemic has swept the world, politicians, medical experts and epidemiologists have taught us about flattening curves, contact tracing, R0 and growth factors. At the same time, we are facing an “infodemic” – an overload of information, in which fact is hard to separate from fiction. Misinformation about coronavirus can have serious consequences. Widespread […]

June 11th

Facebook (finally) takes action against propaganda after polar bear climate change denial video

Two recurring issues here: deniers’ debunked insistence that polar bears are thriving, and social media companies’ generally too-little-too-late attempts to follow years-old advice to make it harder for propagandists to flood their websites with disinformation, have finally converged in Facebook’s recent “reduced distribution” of PragerU content for its “repeated sharing of false news.” By Climate Denier Roundup The straw that broke the camel’s […]

Coronavirus + Climate Change: How Trump went from “It’s a hoax” to ‘I’m a wartime president” in 3 weeks.

There’s been no lack of media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, and of course that includes plenty of discussion on the parallels between COVID-19 and climate change. But one of the most informative and interesting pieces on the connection is one that said the least. By Climate Denier Roundup Vox’s Alissa Wilkinson interviewed media theorist and philosopher […]

Coronavirus shows how to fight lies about climate change

With both the coronavirus and climate change, misconceptions abound. In each instance, people have downplayed the impact or blamed China, and many believe that news outlets are exaggerating the threat. By Jeremy Deaton Nexus Media Americans have stayed vigilant against conspiracy theories about the coronavirus. Experts say there are lessons for how we deal with climate change. But with the coronavirus, news outlets and tech companies have […]

April 12th

Facebook gives Congress the finger and will continue to publish lies

The internet has destroyed traditional journalism. Gone are the days when John Cameron Swayze, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, or Dan Rather brought the news into our living rooms every night at 6:30. Gone are the days when Woodward and Bernstein carried the full weight of the journalistic establishment on their shoulders. Today, people get their news […]

January 12th

As Australia burns, trolls spread lies and disinformation (no, it’s NOT leftist arsonists)

Australia is burning, As brushires rage across huge swaths of the country, record high temperatures and gale force winds are making the effort to contain them treacherously difficult. Authorities fear that two major fires near the border of New South Wales and Victoria could merge over the weekend and create the biggest conflagration in the […]

January 10th

Fossil fuel liars continue to muddy the climate-change debate with fake news (Thanks, WSJ!)

Yesterday, Buzzfeed published an investigation of the growing sector of seedy online public relations companies that use dishonest and misleading efforts to manipulate public opinion. From fake news to fake fact checks to fake Facebook groups, political parties and corporations are fully embracing the dark arts of propaganda. By Climate Denier Roundup By automating bots to shape […]

Cynical Trump 2020 campaign plans to take credit for green initiatives (that Trump is trashing)

Last week, McClatchy newswire ran a story that was just a day late to be an April Fool’s prank. According to two unnamed sources, part of Trump’s 2020 campaign will be touting his environmental achievements. Seems that even the Trump campaign recognizes that the vast majority of Americans support environmental policies, because no one thinks hundreds of billions […]