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With dirty energy sector crashing, nearly 70 groups urge Fed to stop buying up wasteful fossil fuel industry debt

A coalition of nearly 70 advocacy organizations is demanding that the Federal Reserve immediately stop using its emergency Covid-19 lending facilities to buy up fossil fuel debt, warning that rescuing the faltering oil and gas industry is both a bad investment of public money and disastrous for the climate. By Jake Johnson Common Dreams The Federal Reserve Board’s “decision […]

August 3rd

Fed Chair Powell says without more stimulus, economy won’t recover (but Trump and McConnell “Just Say NO”)

Economic analysts are forecasting that on Thursday we’ll see that another 2.7 million Americans filed new claims for unemployment insurance last week. If they’re right, it would mean 36.3 million Americans have filed for unemployment benefits in the nine weeks ending May 9. Even if those millions were the only Americans to have lost jobs […]

May 13th

Another progressive win – Bankster Larry Summers won’t run the Fed

By Meteor Blades Back on May 26, Edward Luce at the Financial Times offered the first inkling in the media that President Barack Obama would likely choose Larry Summers as chairperson of the Federal Reserve. He acknowledged that Summers had potential deficits, including a deep-seated abrasiveness. But, wrote Luce, “charm is overrated”: Worries about Mr Summers’ Senate hearings […]

September 16th