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NASA isn’t dumping climate science, and Trump admin hates that

In case you missed previous coverage, there’s a particularly loathsome environmental adviser named William Happer now serving as president of the Trump regime’s National Security Council. And according to the Associated Press, emails uncovered via an FOIA request by the Environmental Defense Fund show that he wasn’t happy with one-time science-denier Jim Bridenstine’s change of mind […]

June 17th

2018 was 4th hottest year ever – cue climate change deniers making laughable claims

Yesterday, NASA/NOAA announced that 2018 was the fourth hottest year on record, making the past five years the hottest five on record. A graphic accompanying the story over at the New York Times makes the warming trend unmistakable, but it may also show deniers something they actually want to see. By Climate Denier Roundup Since it wasn’t the hottest […]

February 7th

Last chance to stop a climate denier running NASA

Showdown: The last chance for homophobic climate denier Jim Bridenstine to run NASA. And our last chance to stop him. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote On September 1, 2017, Trump nominated bigoted climate denier Jim Bridenstine to run NASA, which oversees the satellites that measure climate pollution and help protect us from fossil-fueled storms. […]

April 17th

Climate deniers’ new dodge: “All energy matters” + “Very fine scientists on both sides”

All year we’ve been watching as Trump nominees squirm to answer direct congressional questioning about climate change. For the most part, they’ve avoided embracing Trump’s idea that it’s all a Chinese hoax. Gone, too, is the old axiom of “I’m not a scientist, but…” Instead, they give more seemingly nuanced but similarly silly answers. The most […]

November 3rd

Action! Tell you Senator we don’t need an anti-science politician to head NASA

The testimony of Jim Bridenstine to be NASA administrator showed an utter disregard for NASA’s own climate science. Bridenstine is unfit to lead America’s flagship science agency. As a partisan Congressman, he wrote a bill that would have ended NASA funding of earth science – including the same satellites that tracked hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and […]

November 3rd