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Trump admin wants to make nuclear war more likely.

As part of its Nuclear Posture Review—the first since the 2010 review was completed—the Trump regime is said to be considering the building of a “mini-nuke,” a nuclear bomb with a low explosive yield. Advocates have long claimed this would improve U.S. deterrence. Approval of such a development would overturn the Obama administration’s policy of limiting reliance on […]

September 10th

Obama and Russians Strike Tentative Deal to Reduce Nuclear Weapons

This week, US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev are meeting in Moscow to negotiate a treaty to succeed START. President Obama seems to understand that if the US expects Iran and North Korea to give up their intentions to develop nuclear weapons, we can’t act as hypocrites hoarding our own nuclear arsenal. Russia and the United States currently own “90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons”.

July 6th