Author: Joshua S Hill

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Nicaragua will sign Paris Climate Agreement, leaving US alone with Syria

Reports coming out of Central American country Nicaragua say that the country’s President, Daniel Ortega, has confirmed his country will finally sign the Paris Climate Agreement, leaving the United States and Syria as the only two countries in the world not to have signed it. By Joshua S Hill It’s important to remember off the top in […]

September 23rd

100% electric vehicles: 10 big corps launch EV100 campaign at Climate Week NYC

A group of new big-name businesses including Baidu, IKEA, and Vattenfall have this week parnered with The Climate Group to launch EV100, the first initiative of its kind to fast-track the uptake of electric vehicles and accompanying infrastructure. By Joshua S Hill Following in the wake of initiatives such as RE100 and EP100, the newest initiative to focus on […]

September 20th

Ahead of New York Climate Week, Mayor de Blasio pushes building efficiency

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has announced new mandates on building owners to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of existing buildings, in a move that will affect NYC’s 14,500 least-efficient buildings, which together produce 24% of the city’s total greenhouse gas emissions. By Joshua S Hill  “Time is not on our side,” de Blasio said. […]

September 19th

100% Renewable energy: M&Ms wants you to know how sweet wind energy can be for the planet

One of the world’s favorite candy companies, M&M’s, has launched a new campaign to inform consumers of the importance of moving to 100% renewable energy and its importance in counteracting climate change. “People sure do love M&M’s,” says the company on the front page of its new Fans of Wind campaign page. “That’s why we make a ton of […]

September 18th

Cutting coal plants could save US consumers $10 billion per year

Phasing out unprofitable coal plants in the United States could end up saving consumers $10 billion per year by 2021, while simultaneously boosting the country’s competitiveness. By Joshua S Hill  The new report from financial think-tank Carbon Tracker, No Country for Coal Gen: Below 2°C and Regulatory Risk for US Coal Power Owners, is the first study of […]

September 15th

US corporations stick with clean energy, despite Trump’s bailing on the Paris Climate Agreement

Despite US President Donald Trump pulling his country out of the Paris Climate Agreement, US corporations and institutions are maintaining, and in many cases strengthening, their interest in renewable energy. By Joshua S Hill  These are the key findings from a new report published this week by research company Smart Energy Decisions, which surveyed executives from […]

September 15th

Climate change will dramatically shift European electricity demand

A team of scientists from Germany and the United States has determined that rising temperatures due to climate change will have a dramatic impact on Europe’s electricity consumption patterns, ultimately putting extra strain on European power grids. By Joshua S Hill  Led by scientists from the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), the new study was […]

August 30th

Renewable energy share PASSING nuclear. Not in 50 years – RIGHT NOW.

The US Energy Information Administration last week published its latest ‘Electric Power Monthly’ which reveals US renewable energy is locked in a virtual dead-heat with US nuclear energy, each providing about 20% of U.S. electrical generation. However, it’s predicted that nuclear will soon see its percentage share decrease, while renewables will continue to grow. By Joshua S […]

August 28th