Author: Levi Novey

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Need a Job in These Tough Times? Then Smuggle Wildlife

Estimates vary, but the general consensus is that internationally, the illegal wildlife trade ranks at least second or third in its volume and profitability, only behind the trade of drugs and guns. It’s thought to be a billion dollar industry annually in the U.S. alone. The World Wildlife Federation says its “the second-biggest threat to species after habitat destruction.”

January 14th

When Bird Poop and Canadian Politics Collide

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but it seems that some Canadians like to use vivid examples from nature to help illustrate their political talking points. Several days ago, the Conservative Party’s website featured an attack ad that utilized a bird pooping on Stephane Dion, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, to enhance the negative message’s effect.  Steven […]

September 9th

Potential McCain Running Mate Florida Governor Charlie Crist Has Green Cred– Is it Deserved?

Florida Governor Charlie Crist endorsed John McCain right before the Florida Republican primary. His endorsement might have been a significant factor in McCain winning the Florida primary, and subsequently the Republican nomination. Speculation began immediately thereafter that Crist might make a great running mate for McCain, given his popularity in Florida, and his potential ability […]

June 18th