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Watch the Democratic National Convention – now, live!

The DNC is webcasting live from, starting at 5 pm Eastern/2 pm Pacific. You can watch it right here on RedGREENandBlue:  Share this on your wall to spread the word, tweet it, and like us on Facebook for more updates! Here’s what’s on the schedule for the day: The main events start at 5pm ET with the call to order, […]

September 5th

China Benefits from Economic Stimulus Bill Created Debt

Hopefully the US economy will be strengthened from the increased government spending included in the Economic Stimulus Bill, but it is important to look beyond our borders whenever debt is incurred. China is the largest holder of U.S. government debt and actually needs it for investing Chinese surpluses. China has nothing else to invest in, as few other countries have debt markets large enough.

February 16th

Bush Administration Seeks Endangered Species Status for the Elusive ‘Climate Skeptic’

In a stunning reversal of direction, the Bush administration has officially requested a new addition to the Endangered Species list. What threatened species could elicit this drastic change of course for the Bush Administration? It is, of course, the elusive Climate Change Skeptic (dubium mundus fervesco), whose habitat is being threatened by rational thinking, increased […]

April 1st