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EcoRight climate change news for the week of July 3

🎆Happy Independence Day!🎆 We’ll keep this week’s EcoRight climate change news of the week short so you can get on with your holiday weekend. By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must listen: In our third episode of the EcoRight Speaks, I’m joined by special guest, friend of the team, Nick Huey. We cover a range of issues, […]

EcoRight climate change news for the week of June 26

Last Friday in June…. The year 2020 is both moving incredibly slow and at warp speed. Yesterday was my grandmother’s 103rd birthday and she says time keeps speeding up, so buckle in! By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must listen: EcoRight Speaks episode two is live! Check out my discussion with Lance Lawson and his father, Brian […]

June 26th

Citizens’ Climate Lobby applauds Sens. Braun, Stabenow, Graham & Whitehouse for agriculture, climate bill

Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN), Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) have introduced a bipartisan bill called the Growing Climate Solutions Act. According to the senators’ press release, the bill “will break down barriers for farmers and foresters interested in participating in carbon markets so they can be rewarded for climate-smart […]

The Coronavirus pandemic has forced a budget hit on California’s climate mandates

Democratic Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom has proposed funding cuts to deal with what has been projected as a revenue deficit of $54 billion as a consequence of the economic response to the coronavirus. The state’s carbon cap-and-trade program pays for climate programs, which includes incentives for buying clean cars, electric buses, and off-road freight equipment, but as with […]

May 19th

DC passes strong clean energy bill – including a price on carbon

After a multi-year, grassroots-led campaign, today the Washington, D.C., City Council passed the strongest climate legislation anywhere in the country. The Clean Energy D.C. Act of 2018 is a concrete, binding, and specific law that will reduce the city’s emissions 44% by 2032. By Jamie DeMarco Citizens’ Climate Lobby The new law will put a small price […]

December 19th

What YOU can do RIGHT NOW to help pass Washington State’s carbon fee initiative

Tomorrow, the residents of the State of Washington will vote directly on proposition I-1631 which would establish a pollution fee. Proponents of the initiative have stated the difference between a “pollution fee” and a “carbon tax” is that the fee must go directly towards funding solutions. Other US states have passed cap and trade systems […]

November 5th

Carbon fees take center stage in Washington State and Canada – what it means for you

Economists like to talk about “efficiency.” What does that mean? It means using the power of the free market to obtain results that are socially desirable. The alternative is mandating outcomes by government regulation. So-called conservatives love to carry on about the curse of regulations, and they have a point. Economic alternatives such as carbon […]

November 1st

10 fast facts about the benefits of a revenue-neutral carbon tax

The most sophisticated economic models available today tell a consistent story about the likely impacts of levying a national fee on fossil fuels: By changing the daily behavior of every consumer, investor, and enterprise, such fees would dramatically reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), the single largest man-made greenhouse gas, as well as conventional air pollutants […]

September 13th

Republicans in Congress warming up to climate change advocates

Over the past four years, Republican members of Congress appear to be increasingly receptive and engaged when meeting with volunteer advocates from Citizens’ Climate Lobby, according to an analysis of notes from meetings with congressional offices. This and other findings from the analysis were shared with more than 400 House and Senate offices today as 580 CCL volunteers descend […]

November 25th

Conservatives call for free market solutions to climate change in wake of Paris Agreement

The president’s ill-conceived decision to leave the Paris Climate Agreement strengthens the resolve of the Partnership for Responsible Growth and others committed to adoption of a carbon fee. We will continue to make our case on Capitol Hill and within the business community. As Americans deal with rising coastal waters, droughts, superstorms, forest fires, insect-borne […]