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2020 Chevy Bolt: GM changes the game, again

In late 2016, the Chevy Bolt became the first affordable long range EV (electric vehicle), beating the Tesla Model 3 to market. As of this writing, in February 2020, GM has once again moved the goal posts. You can now buy a Bolt for around $26,000, underselling every affordable EV you can buy in America […]

February 10th

Tesla vs the WSJ: No, lack of public EV charging stations is NOT traumatizing

The Wall Street Journal recently published a video that documented an electric vehicle driving test involving 8 reporters in 7 different electric vehicles in 8 cities. Each reporter drove an electric vehicle for three weeks. By Jake Richardson Cleantechnica The electric vehicles driven, with their locations, were: Chevy Bolt,  Detroit, MI Jaguar I-Pace, Raleigh, North Carolina Nissan […]

January 31st

Tesla gobbled up 78% of US EV sales in 2019

Yes, Tesla dominated electric vehicle sales in the United States again in 2019. Whereas the Tesla Model 3 was the 9th best selling car in the country and had more than 150,000 sales in the USA*, the next best selling non-Tesla on the market was the Chevy Bolt with 16,418 sales, followed by the Nissan […]

January 17th

Battery pack dance-off: Tesla Model 3 vs Chevy Bolt

Since the Tesla Model 3 and Chevy Bolt were introduced, there has been considerable interest in the heart of their performance, the battery packs. These two cars have been pivotal in introducing lower-cost long-range electric transport. The Bolt sources its pouch type cells from LG Chem, while the Model 3 uses cylindrical cells sourced from Panasonic. […]

Tesla Model 3 vs its Electric Vehicle competition

I recently compared the specs of the Tesla Model 3 to the specs of 22 gas-powered competitors that are more or less “in the Model 3’s class.” Naturally, readers also requested that we compare the Model 3 to other electric cars in such a detailed way. So here we are! By Zachary Shahan  However, the whole discussion of […]

August 22nd

Electric Cars Under Attack Ahead Of 2016 Presidential Campaigns

Originally posted on GAS2 Though Barack Obama’s presidency still has almost two full years left to work through, the political machines of both the right and left are already gearing up for the 2016 campaign season. There will be plenty of social and fiscal issues to discuss during the 2016 Presidential campaign, and government support […]

February 25th