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House Democrats pass bill to keep U.S. in Paris climate agreement (but it’s dead in the Senate)

Quite a number of Republican politicians have softened their erstwhile rhetoric on the climate crisis lately. They’ve stepped away from language like “hoax” and say they agree that the climate is changing and that government policy must address this. But when it comes down to actual legislation, even something as exceedingly modest as H.R 9—the Climate Action Now bill that passed the House Thursday—the words […]

May 3rd

Michael Mann: Vote for climate leadership in Congress (by voting out GOP climate change deniers)

We need new leadership! Adding carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases to the atmosphere warms the surface of our planet.  That’s scientific fact, affirmed by every major scientific body in the U.S. and around the world that has weighed in on the matter. By Michael Mann We have been conducting an unprecedented, uncontrolled experiment with the […]

October 12th

Drain the Swamp: Tell Congress to fire Scott Pruitt

On Thursday April 26th, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt will testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee. Along with our allies, we aim to deliver more than a quarter million signatures as part of our petition demanding Pruitt be fired. By RL Miller Climate Hawks Vote If you haven’t yet: Tell Congress to fire Pruitt. The press […]

April 24th

Election 2018: DAPL pipeline is the difference in this Iowa primary

Climate matters. Primaries matter. Flipping seats from Republican to Democrat matters. That’s at the heart of Climate Hawks Vote work, and it’s why we’re endorsing Tom Heckroth in Iowa’s First District. Simply put, this primary presents a clear contrast between Tom, standing up for clean air, clean water, and an America free from its dependence on […]

April 18th

How YOU can help send climate hawks to Congress

By RL Miller We’re building a furious storm to help Climate Hawks Take The House. Four years ago this week, the fossil-fueled Superstorm Sandy struck our nation, killing 160 of our fellow Americans. Millions of people called for swift climate action — but it never came. With Republicans running the House of Representatives, they’ve instead […]

October 27th

Climate peacock Kelly Ayotte doesn’t deserve our support

By RL Miller for Climate Hawks You’d think it was big news: Climate peacock Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) became the first Republican Senator to support President Obama’s Clean Power Plan, per a local news story. She’s been called the Senate’s most surprising environmentalist for a couple of votes last January. On Thursday she and three fellow Republican […]

October 31st