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Can BP rebrand? Youth climate activists won’t be fooled by greenwashing.

For at least the past four years, we’ve talked about the fossil fuel industry’s concern about climate activists targeting it’s social license to operate (our collective social and legal acceptance of their business) and how the industry’s tried to put “lipstick on a pig” to address the optics of their atmosphere-and-community-polluting profits. This week’s bombshell revelation that someone hired hackers to target #ExxonKnew campaigners is one […]

Mass V ExxonMobil Case: No, big oil has NOT pivoted to climate change hero status

Yesterday we talked about the context section of the Mass v ExxonMobil complaint, which describes how the oil industry misled Americans on climate change and kept the public from embracing climate action by preventing us from making fully informed decisions. Today we’re going to keep looking at the complaint – there’s more to talk about! By Climate […]

October 29th

David vs Goliath: climate change lawsuits rolling forward against fossil fuel giants

Last week, there was a slew of submissions of briefs to the case in which a number of cities and counties in California are suing fossil fuel companies. These updates were reported by Dana Drugmand at Climate Liability News and made available at Columbia’s Sabin Center litigation tracker. By Climate Denier Roundup A few of briefs focused on […]

February 11th

SCOTUS tells ExxonMobil to stop whining and deliver the documents

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey got some good news yesterday when the Supreme Court decided not to hear ExxonMobil ’s complaint about Healey’s request for documents regarding the company’s climate research and funding of climate denial organizations. By Climate Denier Roundup In a statement, Healey’s spokeswoman reiterated their position that “the public deserves answers from this company […]

ExxonMobil says it supports the Paris Climate Change Agreement (but keeps funding climate deniers)

If you were a corporation that endorsed actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, would you also fund organizations that contribute to the climate change problem? Well, that’s the contradiction that ExxonMobil is projecting right now, as it gave $1.5 million last year to 11 think tanks and lobby groups that reject established climate science, according […]

September 17th

Oil Companies’ Shareholders Reject Activist Proposals

Chevron’s annual stockholder meeting held at company headquarters in San Ramon, California, has become a magnet for criticism in recent years as environmental and human rights groups use it to voice their grievances with the company. This year was no different, as protesters with HAZ-MAT suits and paper brooms labeled “Clean Up Chevron” greeted shareholders […]

May 30th