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Facebook (finally) takes action against propaganda after polar bear climate change denial video

Two recurring issues here: deniers’ debunked insistence that polar bears are thriving, and social media companies’ generally too-little-too-late attempts to follow years-old advice to make it harder for propagandists to flood their websites with disinformation, have finally converged in Facebook’s recent “reduced distribution” of PragerU content for its “repeated sharing of false news.” By Climate Denier Roundup The straw that broke the camel’s […]

1 in 4 climate tweets come from bots. Twitter won’t do anything about it.

Last week, US intelligence officials told Congress that Russia is working to get President Trump re-elected. They did not say what measures are being used. And they didn’t have to, because we already know how the Russians use bots and fake accounts to manipulate social media. We also know that social media companies have been slow to respond, […]

February 25th

Facebook gives Congress the finger and will continue to publish lies

The internet has destroyed traditional journalism. Gone are the days when John Cameron Swayze, Walter Cronkite, David Brinkley, or Dan Rather brought the news into our living rooms every night at 6:30. Gone are the days when Woodward and Bernstein carried the full weight of the journalistic establishment on their shoulders. Today, people get their news […]

January 12th

Facebook commits to 100% renewable energy by 2020

Facebook announced that it was upping the environmental ante on Tuesday by committing to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 75% and power its global operations with 100% renewable energy by the end of 2020. By Joshua S Hill Cleantechnica It’s already been a big year for Facebook’s sustainability efforts, with the company signing several […]

September 2nd