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7 Fun Things to Do at the White House (When You’re Not Busy Leading the Free World)

Whether entertaining high-powered guests or for personal enjoyment, American presidents and their families have a long tradition of recreating on the grounds of the White House. When the ability to find simple seclusion in the outside world is nearly impossible, these seven White House facilities offer respite from the pressures presented by the job.

January 12th

Watch This Video: Which President Will Plant a Food Garden in the White House?

This video calls for the President to lead by example on climate change by planting a food garden in the White House. Says Roger Doiron, the creator,

“This video was made to support the “Eat the View” campaign, a citizen-powered effort to petition the next President to show leadership on global issues such as climate change and food security by converting part of the White House’s 18 acre grounds back into an edible landscape. It made sense in the past for the “First Family” to eat foods grown close to home and – given the climate challenge – it makes sense again. It features me, Roger Doiron, digging a new organic garden on my white house lawn with an invitation to the next President to do the same.

October 23rd