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Global Food Prices Continue to Rise

Each month the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) releases an update on the global prices for food in trade channels. The chart above is based on this data and it shows that we are continuing into a price spike much like the one in 2008. This does not tell you what food […]

March 4th

Reasons The Tiny Scale Of US Organic Could Be A Good Thing

In 2008, the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the USDA (USDA-NASS) conducted a very detailed and comprehensive survey of Organic agriculture in the US.  It was published last year but got little notice.  It is interesting to study the data and to compare it to the equivalent statistics that are available for the rest of […]

February 8th

Food Folly in Washington

As Congressional Republicans and others search for budget cuts (without addressing any of the really big ticket items), one of the programs they are targeting is the small national support for wheat breeding.  Representatives of the wheat industry are mobilizing to try to let the politicians know why that is a really bad idea! Even […]

February 7th

Rethinking Public Dollars To Promote Organic Adoption

There was a news story this week about how there are $1.5 million of Federal funds available to help farmers in Nebraska convert to Organic.  This is part of an Obama administration initiative to promote the expansion of Organic agriculture.  Frankly, this is a token effort that will have little effect, but there is an […]

January 31st

New Technology Will Enhance Biofuel Potential

Sugarcane is currently the best crop for biofuel. In the regions where it can grow it is extremely productive.  Sugarcane ethanol production is typically 8-10 times as efficient as Corn ethanol. But sugarcane, like many other plants, is vegetatively propagated, or cloned, not grown from seeds.  It is very difficult and slow to breed for desirable […]

January 19th

Right And Left Agree: OK To Risk Starvation Of The Poor

The anti-climate-science politicians from the Right and the anti-technology activists from the Left are independently, but quite successfully, increasing the risk of malnutrition and/or starvation for the poorest people of the world.  This may not be their intended agenda, but it is the likely outcome from what they are doing. Another food price spike looming […]

November 15th

Do Non-Farmers Have A Key Role In Sustainable Agriculture?

Indeed!  Some people who will never farm could have a pivotal role in advancing the sustainability of farming.  I’m not talking about urban farming or consumer choices (“Sustainable”, “Organic”, “local”…).  I’m talking about land ownership and rental contracts. Some Background: In spite of what you hear, “family farms” are still the overwhelming way that US […]

September 8th

“Food Politics:” A New Book Well Worth Reading

[social_buttons] The Political Scientist, Robert Paarlberg (Wellsley, Harvard – Weatherhead Center for International Affairs) has just published a new book (Oxford University Press) titled, “Food Politics: What Everyone Needs to Know.”  I would recommend it highly to anyone who cares about international food issues, sustainability and the like.  It is a succinct, easy to read, but well-documented […]

April 27th