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How to encourage your local government to go green

It’s always been important to live sustainably as individuals. Our smallest actions can make a significant impact as a whole! But it’s even more crucial for our local governments to realize their own climate change responsibility. These representatives have the means to set regulations that push us toward a sustainable future. By Emily Folk Here […]

July 23rd

Recipe for thriving cleantech startups: partnership with government

An international team of researchers at the University of Cambridge, the Technical University of Munich, and the University of Maryland reports that startups which collaborate with government agencies file 73% more patent applications than those who do not pursue such collaboration. Their report, published March 7 in the journal Research Policy, is entitled Governments as partners: The […]

March 21st

Government should work for YOU – the GOP wants it to only work for fossil fuel millionaires

Republicans have had full control of the federal government for 2 years. What have they done to improve the government in that time? Honestly, consider it for a moment, what have they done to improve the government? As far as I’ve seen, nothing. But that’s not surprising. They actually aren’t eager to have the government working better. As […]

November 28th

Budget agreement – GOP backs down on environmental hits

We finally have a budget agreement. After years of partisan bickering and the GOP pushing the Federal Government into shutdown, lawmakers agreed on a compromise proposal that now goes to the House and Senate for final approval. Not in the bill: 134 of the GOP’s ransom demands, including some ugly environmental provisions: Stripping the Environmental […]

January 14th

Interior Sued to Obtain Oil Royalty Revenue Information

Is the U.S. Interior Department wrongly withholding information that will reveal whether taxpayers are being ripped off in a controversial oil and gas royalty program? Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) see to think so, according to a lawsuit they filed today. Interior claims that disclosure of bidding and contracting information about its Royalty-In-Kind (RIK) sales would reveal oil company trade secrets.

June 10th