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Sunday Train – rapid passenger rail moving ahead (finally!)

By Bruce McF As you are probably well aware, the US Government is gridlocked, which means that for years and years, nothing has been getting done. However, because of appropriations for “High Speed Rail” way back in 2009 and 2010, things are being done right now. “Bullet train” High Speed Passenger Rail services often grab the headlines […]

September 11th

Sunday Train – Let’s build the Steel Interstate!

By Bruce McF Sunday Train has long supported the Steel Interstate concept … but Sunday Train is “merely” an online activity composed of my online blogging in various forums and your discussion in various forums. However, since 2013, I have also been involved in the advocacy of the Steel Interstate concept in a more direct collaboration organized […]

August 15th

High speed rail coming to California?

By Bruce McF Hey, long time no see! The Sunday Train was on hiatus during the Chinese Fall Semester, as I had four sections to teach four hours a week with two new preps and one repeat prep, plus two weekend sections of an eight week intro to macro class for the  International MBA (all […]

February 21st

Is California screwing up its high-speed rail?

By BruceMcF The big news on the High Speed Rail front this week is the effort by the California Legislative Analyst to prevent the High Speed Rail project in California from breaking ground. This is in two of their recommendations: Fund Only Needed Administrative Tasks for Now. … only appropriate at this time the $7 million in […]

September 23rd

Express high-speed rail is sexy

By Bruce McF Indeed, high-speed rail is sexy enough that when Big Oil propagandizes against it, they have to paint it as too expensive or something that America is too incompetent to handle, since the idea of sitting in an actually comfortable rail seat, watching a movie on a laptop or snacking on a sandwich […]

June 10th

President Obama: It’s time we took the money we spent on wars and use it for nation-building here at home.

Infrastructure spending used to be a no-brainer, the easiest bills to get through Congress. So the fact that today’s Republicans aren’t even willing to spend money to fix bridges in their home districts speaks volumes for just how much the Party of NO has screwed things up in Washington. In Washington today, President Obama took […]

April 30th

GOP rejects rail, voters reject GOP

How are the GOP governors who rejected high-speed rail projects doing? Buyer’s remorse has set in spectacularly swiftly – from Wisconsin to Florida, their approval ratings have a trajectory like locomotive plunging off a trestle.
The bad news: Those states handed the GOP the car keys and said “YOU drive for the next four years”. Now they’re stuck with the results.

May 26th

High speed rail not dead yet in Florida

The pandering and posturing continue on high-speed rail. In Florida, Tea Party-backed governor Rick Scott ended weeks of dithering Wednesday and outright rejected the $2.4 billion in Federal funding for the Orlando to Tampa line, calling it a “boondoggle” the state couldn’t afford in these tough times. He follows in the footsteps of GOP anti-rail […]

February 21st