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President Vetoes Keystone XL Pipeline

Today, President Obama vetoed the bill that would allow the Keystone XL pipeline to be built. The measure has been heralded by the conservative-dominated Congress as a job creator, but many on the other side were concerned about the environmental implications of the pipeline. Although this was only the president’s third veto of his presidency, […]

February 24th

Government shutdown Part 2: Senate takes up Boehner’s green-jobs-killing bill

Last week House Speaker John Boehner insisted he was willing to shut down the government unless we kill a loan program that helps Detroit automakers retool factories to make hybrid cars. (Note: that’s a loan program, not a give-away program.)
Senate leader Harry Reid may have found a little bit o’ backbone, though. He’s started the bizarre parliamentary dance required to lob the ball back at the House… WITHOUT the odious job-killing green-car cut. But will it work?

September 26th

Fail: House GOP’s disastrous budget bill is voted down

Q: What’s the best way to compound a disaster? A: Play politics with it.
As they continue to ramp up their anti-spending, anti-environment, and anti-jobs rhetoric, the House Republican leadership decided to stick a poison pill into the continuing resolution that will keep the government from shutting down on September 30.

September 21st