Author: danheffe

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Merry Fiscal Cliff(mas)!

Hooray (kind of)!!! The so-called “fiscal cliff” has been averted (for now). A deal was reached at the very last minute, and, to save us all from their own manufactured crisis, Democrats and Republicans came together in peace and harmony (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) and voted to increase taxes on the richest Americans, extend unemployment benefits, and support […]

January 4th

Climate Change Deniers Run House Committees

Surprised?  No. But there was some part of me that held out just a little hope that someday, somewhere out there, a reasonable Republican congressman (HA!) would find him or herself in a position of power to do something about, or at least, support, some small effort to mitigate climate change. Alas (and again), not […]

December 10th

Election 2012: Mitt’s Last Stand

Mitt Romney is getting desperate. Sure, national polling is close, with only a slight edge for Obama becoming apparent in recent days.  However, the electoral college – that archaic remnant of the early days of our Union – not so much.  Romney looks to have a depressing Tuesday night ahead of him.  At least, if […]

November 5th

Romney’s Final Debate

There are less than 3 weeks to go before election day. The final debate is tonight. The audience, is huge. The first debate turned what looked like a Barack Obama steamroller into an uncomfortable (for those of us cheering on the steamroller) horse race, with Romney polling higher than Obama nationally for most of the […]

October 22nd

Mitt Romney and His Magical Mystery Tax Policy

Well, it was quite a debate. We laughed, we cried…we winced…we wondered: Did Obama really let that BS stand?… We heard some surprising news from Mitt Romney too.  It turns out that what he’s been saying all along about his tax policy was incorrect!  Mitt Romney is going to cut everyone’s taxes by a lot, […]

October 5th

Reason #7,162 not to Vote Republican: James Inhofe

The Massachusetts Senate race has just become a battleground in the fight against climate change. In the debate between Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren and incumbent Republican Scott Brown last week, Warren brought up a great point about the consequences of voting for Scott Brown (and by extension, ushering in a Republican majority into the Senate):  […]

September 26th

Paul Ryan Loves Government Spending

If there’s one thing Republicans love, it’s federal government spending.  Their other great love is keeping up a continuous echo chamber around the idea that federal government spending is the source of all evil in the world, that Obama’s stimulus package didn’t create a single job…blah blah blah. Enter, your next (aspiring) vice-president of the […]

August 20th