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Where does YOUR city score in the CDP climate change ranking?

A total of 43 cities — including Barcelona, London, Paris, Cape Town, and Hong Kong — populate a new “A List” ranking cities’ action to cut emissions and set climate strategies published this week by environmental impact non-profit CDP to celebrate the start of EU Green Week. CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) published its new […]

May 14th

UK to phase out ALL internal combustion cars in 23 years

After much controversy and travail in the British courts over the past several months, the government of Britain has finally unveiled a plan to outright ban the sale of cars and light-duty trucks with internal combustion engines after the year 2040. Earlier this month, France announced a similar proposal that also takes effect the same year. By Steve […]

July 26th

Climate change warrior Al Gore: ‘Trump has made Paris Climate Agreement stronger’

Former Vice President Al Gore gave an upbeat speach in London last night, comparing today’s climate movement  to the great movements of the past—such as the abolition of slavery—which encountered fierce, long-lasting resistance along the way to ultimate triumph. He sees Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement as just one bump on the road. By Meteor Blades Gore […]

June 16th

Olympics – Dreams and Legacies

The Xinhua News Agency trumpeted the success of the Beijing Olympics even before the end of the final ceremony. It said that the event showed China was friendly, harmonious and ‘respected all international rules.’ The true legacy of the Beijing Summer Olympics won’t be measurable for several years yet, but it won’t be quite as clear cut as Xinhua would have us believe.

November 22nd