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Going to Mars for the holidays? Take these books (and one game) along

They’re already talking about getaway excursions to the Moon, right? Yes, they are. Before you know it, the idea of vacationing on Mars will not seem so crazy either. Of course, you’ll need something to keep you busy during the long trip out there. CleanTechnica recently received some suggestions from National Geographic that fit the bill and […]

December 8th

Solar technology from Mars?

Solar cell technology has been moving so fast that two or three years is old hat, let alone 10 or 20. Now consider that scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory are applying 50-year-old methods to bring the high cost of ultra-efficient solar cells down to Earth, and you’re practically treading on ancient burial grounds. […]

August 10th

Some New Hope For The Future of Chocolate

Most of us take something like chocolate for granted.  In fact there are lots of issues with the current situation for the farmers who produce it, and with the future supply for the rest of us. Fortunately, talented people have already been working hard on this issue. Today Mars, the USDA and IBM announced the […]

September 15th