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Military tells GOP: Climate change is a national security issue

In a dramatic event on July 13, 2017, 24 Democrat and 22 Republican members of the bipartisan House Climate Solutions Caucus and 24 other Republicans voted against an anti-climate change amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018. Members of CCL’s Climate and Security Action Team (CSAT) mobilized to encourage their members of Congress to cast a pro-climate vote. By […]

August 9th

Obama and Russians Strike Tentative Deal to Reduce Nuclear Weapons

This week, US President Obama and Russian President Medvedev are meeting in Moscow to negotiate a treaty to succeed START. President Obama seems to understand that if the US expects Iran and North Korea to give up their intentions to develop nuclear weapons, we can’t act as hypocrites hoarding our own nuclear arsenal. Russia and the United States currently own “90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons”.

July 6th

Private Contractors Hoard Water From US Soldiers in Iraq

We’ve all heard stories of how US soldiers in Iraq have been forced to travel in Humvees lacking armor protection; however, the shortage in military supplies includes basic necessities. Many soldiers stationed all over Iraq lack adequate supplies of drinking water. Commanders have been forced to steal water from the private contractors to meet the basic needs of their troops.

May 12th