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Jason Mraz wants you to give climate deniers the finger

By Jason Mraz When I play my music, I always hope I serve a purpose greater than myself. And I care very deeply about finding a solution to the biggest problem we face on our planet. That’s global climate change, caused by pollution from human beings like you and me. Maybe you already know something […]

June 21st

Good news, bad news: Vermont first state to ban fracking

The good news: Vermont’s fracking ban passed, making it the first state to completely ban the ugly, polluting technique that destroys rural life while encouraging our contry’s continued addiction to fossil fuel. Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin on Wednesday signed into law the nation’s first ban on a hotly debated natural gas drilling technique that involves […]

May 17th

Obama administration wants to make (GMO) life even easier for Monsanto

While activists have been pushing for years to have more oversight and more scientific analysis in the approval process for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), it looks like the Obama administration is moving in the other direction. Michael Gregoire, a USDA deputy administrator, said today they are looking to streamline the approval process and cut the […]

February 22nd

Komen Co-opted Like Many Before

Surprised about the recent news from Susan G. Komen for the Cure? I’m not. In the early 1980s fundamentalist Christians who wanted to effect public policy and turn back thirty years of social progress adopted a ‘stealth’ policy of grass roots participation. They joined school boards, the PTA, neighborhood organizations, ran for town council, etc. […]

December 15th

Action: Last chance to keep New York from getting fracked up

By Kate Sinding Senior Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Counsel Tomorrow night is the final of four hearings being held by the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (details here and below) on its most recent proposal to allow new fracking across major parts of the state. This is NYC residents’ opportunity to tell Governor Cuomo to slow down because the state […]

November 30th

Alan Grayson – Save the Grand Canyon from uranium mining

By Alan Grayson once-and-future Congressman Here are two phrases that you probably never expected to see in the same sentence:  The Grand Canyon and uranium mines. Two years ago, the Obama Administration realized that new uranium mining in Arizona could destroy the Grand Canyon, and the Colorado River flowing through it.  So it issued a […]

November 17th

Occupy Oakland calls general strike for November 2

Once upon a time, the general strike was a powerful tool of the powerless. The question is, can it work in this day and age? Occupy Oakland has called for a general strike in response to the brutal police crackdown last week that sent veteran Scott Olson to the hospital in a coma (for background, […]

November 1st