Climate Change

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How to make sure Biden’s infrastructure plan can hold up to climate change – and save money

The Biden administration is proposing a massive infrastructure plan to replace the nation’s crumbling bridges, roads and other critical structures. But to make those investments pay off, the U.S. will need designs that can endure the changing climate. By Jeremy Bricker, University of Michigan The Conversation Most U.S. infrastructure is designed to stand for decades, […]

March 31st

A far-ranging conversation with environmental author and activist Bill McKibben on climate change action and clean energy

Activist Bill McKibben has been at the forefront of the climate movement. From founding the organization to risking arrest for pipeline protests, McKibben has always been on the front lines. Now that the Biden Administration appears to be finally taking serious action on climate and clean energy, he’s encouraged – but he’s not about […]

March 31st

Wouldn’t it be cool if news outlets didn’t rent themselves out to the oil industry?

Earlier this month, a Buzzfeed investigation revealed PR giant Edelman was breaking it’s pledge not to work on behalf of climate denial by keeping a Big Oil client. Then with a New York Times piece last week about the increasing unease workers in the advertising industry have with promoting fossil fuels, the CleanCreatives campaign has people thinking, and talking, about the […]

Michael Mann plus 1000 more scientists tell Biden: We need a robust 50% emissions cut by 2030

Over 1,000 scientists urged President Joe Biden on Tuesday to pursue a “robust target” of slashing the nation’s “emissions by at least 50% below 2005 levels by 2030 and transitioning to a net-zero emissions economy no later than 2050.” “This goal is both technically feasible and necessary—now we need action,” the experts write in an open letter […]

March 31st

Michael Mann: The rise and fall of “The Atlantic Multi-decadal Oscillation”

Two decades ago, in an interview with science journalist Richard Kerr for the journal Science, I coined the term the “Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation” (the “AMO” for short) to describe an internal oscillation in the climate system resulting from interactions between North Atlantic ocean currents and wind patterns. These interactions were thought to lead to alternating decades-long intervals of […]

March 30th

Socialism for big oil: THEY get the profits, YOU pay the carbon fee

Last week the American Petroleum Institute announced an openness to the possibility of supporting some theoretical carbon pricing policy, if that policy were to meet some very specific conditions, which API correctly bet most reporters wouldn’t get into. Interestingly, it was the more conservative outlets that explained what was happening most bluntly, with the Washington Times’ […]

Climate deniers just love playing the victim

Last week, we questioned how Amazon can square its claimed commitment to climate action with its sale of so many climate denial books, with a focus on disinformation dean Marc Morano’s newest offering. By Climate Denier Roundup Quite predictably, Morano (who’s apparently an occasional reader- Hi Marc!) used that single post to claim that “climate […]

Climate Chaos report pulls back the curtain on the big banks’ love affair with big oil

Authored by the  Indigenous Environmental Network, Rainforest Action Network, BankTrack, Oil Change International, Reclaim Finance, and Sierra Club, this year’s report, titled Banking on Climate: Chaos 2021, expands its focus from 35 to 60 of the world’s largest banks. By Dan Bacher The report documents “an alarming disconnect” between the global scientific consensus on climate change and the continued business practices […]

March 29th

Steel is vital to the green transition – here’s how to scrub out the industry’s emissions

Coal generated less than 2% of Britain’s electricity in 2020, despite being the largest single energy source seven years earlier. While the country’s electricity gets cleaner every year, there’s one sector where this carbon-rich fossil fuel remains difficult to replace: steelmaking. Stephen Carr, University of South Wales The Conversation If approved, Woodhouse Colliery in Cumbria […]

March 28th

March Madness: How Big Sport needs to stop letting big polluters sportswash themselves through sponsorships

Some of the world’s leading corporate polluters have flooded the sports sponsorship market with billions of dollars in a bid to “sportswash” their responsibility for the climate crisis, a study published Monday by the New Weather Institute revealed. By Brett Wilkins Common Dreams The study, entitled Sweat not oil: Why sports should drop advertising and sponsorship […]

March 28th

Big oil’s embrace of carbon pricing called PR ploy to avoid real, effective climate action

The American Petroleum Institute on Thursday expressed support for carbon pricing—a move that some heralded as a “major shift” for the country’s most powerful dirty energy lobbying group that has long opposed regulatory efforts to curb planet-heating greenhouse gas emissions. Progressive critics, however, characterized the decision as a form of “self-serving greenwashing” designed to forestall the […]

March 27th