Climate Change

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Another headline you should get used to seeing: Warmest Winter Ever

By Meteor Blades The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported Tuesday that this was the warmest winter ever recorded for the 48 contiguous states in the 122 years records have been kept. Alaska had its second warmest winter. This followed the warmest fall ever for the contiguous states. And the hottest year on record. And it appears […]

March 9th

At the Flint debate, any friggin chance of climate questions for Hillary & Bernie?

By Meteor Blades Eleven Republican debates. Six Democratic debates. Tonight, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton will participate in their seventh. Watch the Flint debate TONIGHT – we’re streaming it live then posting the video and transcript. So far, in all these debates, perhaps five minutes have been spent talking about climate change. About the same amount as has been […]

March 6th

Leo DiCaprio wins Oscar for Best Climate Activist!

By Meteor Blades Climate change has been invisible from both parties’ debates so far, but Leonardo DiCaprio went there as he accepted his Best Actor Oscar at the Academy Awards last night. Here’s a thought, CNN. Sign DiCaprio as guest-moderator to ask climate questions at Sunday’s debate. Here’s a transcript: And lastly, I just want to […]

February 29th

DiCaprio Calls For An End To “The Politics Of Greed”

This article was first published on Gas2. Reprinted with permission.  Leonardo DiCaprio won the Oscar Sunday night for his his role in The Revenant. His acceptance speech thanked all the usually people, as expected. But then he took the opportunity to speak about a subject he feels passionately about — climate change. Making The Revenant […]

February 29th

Cap and Trade 101

A cap is a limit on pollution defined by a government: so a government legally defines how much of a pollutant companies can produce. If they produce more, they have to pay fines. The polluting companies are assigned credits by the government as well. If they are polluting too much and won’t stop, they can buy credits from […]

February 29th

Why Putting A Price On Carbon Is Critical

Originally published on Gas2. Reprinted with permission. Don’t call it a carbon tax. Everybody hates the idea of taxes. But unless society addresses the damage done by burning fossil fuels, the world is on a collision course with reality. Cataclysmic changes are in the offing and those changes will impose enormous costs on our global […]

February 28th

If climate change hurts poor countries more, does that make it a win for us?

By Meteor Blades Joe Romm at Climate Progress points out that a new study rightly reiterates what we already know—that people in poorer, developing countries will suffer disproportionately from global warming even though they have contributed little or nothing to the crisis because they have historically been low-level emitters of greenhouse gases. But the study, commissioned by the University of […]

February 9th

Ted Cruz believes black helicopters cause climate change

By Jeremy Bloom One of the most depressing things about US politics today is the way whacko conspiracy theories that were laughed at 10 years ago are now being spouted by GOP front-runners. And on climate change, Ted Cruz is the most paranoid/whacko. Watch him go off on an 8-minute rant at a recent campaign […]

February 7th

Gas company short-cuts may have caused Porter Ranch methane leak

By Meteor Blades Since October 23, a massive methane leak from a well in an underground natural gas storage field in southern California’s Aliso Canyon near Porter Ranch has spewed 91,625 metric tons of the potent greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, according to a counter at the website of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF). That has the same impact […]

February 3rd