Climate Change

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EcoRight climate change news for the week of July 17

Who’s hot? After 20 consecutive days of 90 degrees or higher, the DC metro area is officially melting. I guess it’s a good thing for keeping people inside? By Chelsea Henderson EcoRight News/ RepublicEN This week’s must read: The mayor of Heber City, Utah, Kelleen Potter, was joined by Bill Rappleye, president and CEO of the Draper […]

July 17th

War on Science: Mapping how deniers and delayers use rhetoric to stall climate action

If you were on Twitter last week, you were likely bombarded by takes on The Letter. If you weren’t on Twitter, good. Read this if you really want the context, otherwise forget about it. Because if you’ve been paying attention to climate deniers, the whole complaint about “cancel culture” should be immediately clear as not about any sort of real debate or free speech, […]

Carbon pricing works: the largest-ever study puts it beyond doubt

Putting a price on carbon should reduce emissions, because it makes dirty production processes more expensive than clean ones, right? That’s the economic theory. Stated baldly, it’s obvious, but there is perhaps a tiny chance that what happens in practice might be something else. By Paul Burke, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University; […]

July 14th

Dr. James Hansen – Global habitability and Exxon

In the early 1980s scientists and the fossil fuel industry came to understand the essential characteristics of the climate system and the implications for the energy industry.  Governments decided that they preferred not to understand.  The fossil fuel industry decided to go along with the gag. By Dr James Hansen Climate is characterized by a delayed […]

July 13th

Anthony Watts responds to a paper on climate misinformation with misinformation about the paper

Anthony Watts is either a liar, or illiterate. And he’s just proven it. This shouldn’t be unexpected news to anyone at this point, but his latest post for Heartland, necessary to justify the paycheck he’s getting from that fossil-fuel-funded organization, makes it painfully obvious. Supposedly, “climate activists are increasingly calling for the imprisonment of climate realists,” which caught our attention because if anyone’s making that call, it’d […]

It’s Not as Simple as Rebellion – The ability to hold paradoxes is one of the key demands for climate leadership

Over the past two years, Extinction Rebellion (XR) emerged into the climate movement with explosive energy. Thousands of people in Europe and the United States mobilized to engage in civil disobedience to demand that our political leaders take radical action to avert climate catastrophe. Particularly in Britain, XR has catalyzed an unprecedented level of public […]

July 11th