Climate Change

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War on science: Exposing the disingenuous elites who are trying to hoodwink the masses (Coronavirus meets climate denial)

Yesterday we came across something pretty scary: a headline from someone good saying what we do is bad. So we braced ourselves, and read Kate Aronoff’s piece in The New Republic: “Believe Science” Is a Bad response to Denialism. If your reaction to the headline is to disagree, you should go read it too. By Climate Denier […]

As the ecoright gains traction, the far right attacks free-market environmentalism

Although we’re generally pretty skeptical of conservative politicians pretending they’re taking climate change seriously, there are undoubtedly good conservative groups pushing for climate action and there are signs they’re making progress. Young conservatives, in particular, are bucking their party line and taking the issue more seriously than their older counterparts. By Climate Denier Roundup Which […]

Climate deniers argue that CO2 is small so it can’t be important. You know, like viruses are small.

A recurring argument among deniers, particularly those more intent on appealing to the masses with oversimplifications than actually dealing with science, is that carbon dioxide is just too small a percentage of the atmosphere to matter. The latest example of this comes courtesy of a CFACT blog post by George W. Bush’s Yale roommate, Collister Johnson Jr., which was reposted […]

War on science: Coronavirus deniers continue to use the deadly climate change denial playbook

Deniers are, of course, keen to capitalize on the coronavirus crisis by attacking journalists and activists for talking about climate in relation to Covid-19. Steve Milloy, for example, made a list of tweets last week ranging from reporters talking about cleaner air and water as a result of the lockdown, to other reporters pointing out that isn’t […]

If we can put a man on the Moon, we can save the Great Barrier Reef of Australia

Scientists recently confirmed the Great Barrier Reef suffered another serious bleaching event last summer – the third in five years. Dramatic intervention to save the natural wonder is clearly needed. First and foremost, this requires global greenhouse gas emissions to be slashed. But the right combination of technological and biological interventions, deployed with care at […]

April 25th

Should John Kerry be the first Climate Secretary? (He’s not even sure there should BE a Climate Secretary)

Adam Aton at Climatewire reports that former Secretary of State John Kerry isn’t showing much enthusiasm for the idea being tossed around by the presidential campaign team of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden for establishing a cabinet post of climate secretary. Last year, Kerry, former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 60 other prominent people founded World War Zero, […]

April 24th

Sorry, climate change deniers – coronavirus lockdown has nothing to do with climate policy

A month ago we said to cool it with the “coronavirus is good for the environment” takes – not only because of the eco-facsist undertones, but also because it’s the sort of thing deniers use to falsely portray climate action as just as harsh and painful as COVID-19 mitigation measures. By Climate Denier Roundup Sure enough, alongside the rise of astroturfed […]

3D printed coral mimics the real thing

Most of us have heard that coral reefs around the world are dying, largely because of warmer ocean temperatures and the increased acidity of seawater, but few people realize why that is important to humans. Who really cares if the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is nearly lifeless? So a few rich […]

April 18th