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Top 10 Green Voter Guides

The election is almost upon us… do you know how your local candidates stack up? This year more than ever, it’s imperative that you vote wisely. There are important issues at stake this year – from global warming to renewable energy to oil, coal and fracking. A lot of folks are angry and seem to […]

October 27th

Election 2010: Why Can’t Environmentalists Come Up With Good Ads?

They’ve got the rundown over at EcoPolitology: The best – and the worst – of an amazingly vitriolic campaign season. I was more than a little disappointed in their roster. The pro-environment ads are mostly pretty clunky, and don’t really show an understanding of basic messaging. Here’s one of  the few good ones, from the League of […]

October 26th

GOP: No Compromise If We Retake the House

If you had any slim hope left for “bipartisanship” on environmental and energy legislation in Washington after the 2010 midterm election, you can forget about it. The Hill reports “Republicans aren’t interested in compromising with President Obama on major issues if they retake the House or Senate, a senior GOP lawmaker said.” “Look, the time […]

October 25th

Energy and the Election, Part 2: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

By Wesley Warren, Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund Congress is considering clean energy legislation that would increase our security by cutting dependence on oil, reduce pollution that contributes to global warming, and create millions of new jobs. Yet this legislation, passed by the House and supported by President Obama, is stalled in the Senate. […]

October 21st

Energy and the Election, Part 1: The Name Game

By Wesley Warren, the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund A new energy proposal by the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institution, and the Breakthrough Institute has declared “Cap-and-Trade” dead. They may well be right about the use of this term as a policy label, but does this also mean the demise of clean energy policies […]

October 20th

Remembering A Time Of Less Polarized Environmental Politics

As we approach this hyper-partisan 2010 election, the “environment” has become just one more point of polarization, particularly around the question of Global Climate Change.  All but one Republican Senate candidate candidate today passively or actively opposes the idea that human activity is responsible for greenhouse gas effects on climate.  It is hard to find […]

October 18th

Voters Overwhelmingly Support Clean Energy Candidates

Americans know a good idea when they see one. No matter how many millions of dollars the deep-pocketed polluters spend on spreading mistruths this election season, new polling released by the Natural Resources Defense Council Action Fund today shows that voters in 23 close Congressional races overwhelmingly support clean energy legislation and would be more […]

October 18th

Sugar Wars

[social_buttons] While a candidate for the Senate, Barak Obama famously and presciently described the invasion of Iraq as a “dumb war.”  That would also be a good descriptor for the five “Sugar Wars” that have been fought in the US sweetener industry over the past several decades.  The combatants include the US Sugar beet industry, […]

May 5th

Health Care Bill Hailed by Obama, but Stupak-Pitts Abortion Amendment May Divide Dems in 2010

While passage of House a health care bill was hailed as a victory for President Obama, the Democrat divide over the Stupak-Pitts abortion amendment is already playing out in the Massachusetts race for Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat. After climate change compromise, inevitable escalation in Afghanistan, and little movement on gay rights, is the House health care bill’s abortion amendment a bridge too far for progressives? Will health care galvanize or divide Dems heading into 2010. And, what might it mean for climate change?

November 8th